Putting a Good Spin on Bad Performance Appraisals

Putting a Good Spin on Bad Performance Appraisals

Now there’s a book for those awkward performance-appraisal moments when you don’t quite know what to say. “Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals” by James E. Neal, Jr. (Neal Publications, 2000) emphasizes the importance of using positive phrases to describe employees during performance appraisals and provides many examples.

There are several good phrases in there for good employees. But how does positive phrasing apply to trouble makers? Keeping in mind the theory that positive feedback works best, we thought we’d show how you could use Neal’s phrases to describe the bad apples when handing down their reviews:

* For employees who hack into confidential company files: “Uses the latest techniques to gain the competitive edge.”

* For employees who commit arson: “Sparks enthusiasm.”

* For a lazy employee: “Recognizes the impact of stress and burnout on organizational effectiveness.”

* For employees who get into a’ wreck with the company car. “Is a significant driving force.”

* For an employee who frequently sends joke e-mails: “Excels in converting complex information into simple, readable form.”

* For an employee who is always late: “Uses systematic methods to accomplish more in less time.”

* For an employee who constantly barges into offices with the door closed: “Demonstrates an ability to overcome internal barriers.”

Source; Neal Publications, 2000.

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