Omaha Steaks – employee incentives

Omaha Steaks – employee incentives – Brief Article

Omaha Steaks are always a hit

Beverly Scheuble, director of research for American Research Systems, wants to show clients they are appreciated and maintain a competitive edge for her company’s services. One the anniversary of each client’s coming on board, she sends Omaha Steaks to the customer to show them the company doesn’t take their business for granted. “We have actually received additional business from referrals because people who have received our Omaha Steaks gifts mention the steaks and then explain what kind of work we do,” Scheuble says.

Omaha Steaks is an 84 year old Midwestern company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the home of the world’s finest beef. Their gourmet steaks and foods are now the #1 food choice for incentive programs nationwide. “Omaha Steaks provides consistently outstanding quality in all products, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service,” says Scheuble.

Industry experts say merchandise incentives–not cash–work best to inspire people to go the extra mile. To increase morale and lower usage of sick days for a West Coast insurance company’s employees, Steak Bucks were awarded for good attendance on a quarterly basis. Steak Bucks are preprinted gift certificates that cost $10 each that are redeemable in the free four-color catalog supplied for each employee in the program. Each quarter with no unplanned absences earned the employee two Steak Bucks and consecutive quarters without unplanned absences earned one extra Steak Buck for each consecutive quarter of good attendance. The program has resulted in a significant reduction of sick day usage.

Omaha Steaks also supplies postcards, flyers, posters and gift certificates at no extra charge. Gift certificate programs are easy to run with no minimum orders, no back-ordered products, no inventories for you to manage and no packages for you to ship. Customization of advertising or promotional pieces is easy with Omaha Steaks own creative team in-house working for you.

Make Omaha Steaks part of your strategy to improve attendance, promote dealer sales of your brand, boost sales of a particular model, meet production goals, reduce accidents and cut waste. Mellon First United Leasing wanted an exciting incentive program that rewarded representatives and dealers for sales of leasing contracts during a certain period of time and wanted to increase their image in a competitive marketplace. They chose an Omaha Steaks certificate program which was customized just for them and saw their business increase 30 percent.

“The best part about dealing with Omaha Steaks is that it takes out the administrative hassle and allows us the confidence that our customers’ incentive bonus is correct and in a very refined presentation,” says Jim Daniels of Plunkett-Webster, Inc.

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