IVantage – human resources software

iVantage – human resources software – Brief Article

The next-generation human resource information system for today’s HR executive, providing unequaled human capital analysis capabilities.

* Vantage provides real-time access to human capital data via a Web browser. The data is safe, secure, and available from any computer, anytime. Task automation provides wizards to walk HR professionals through such functions as entering an applicant’s information, transferring an employee, salary planning, and changing a rate of pay. In addition to robust HR functionality, iVantage also provides standard reports and query tools that enable HR to respond to analytical needs in a timely manner.


“iVantage is an excellent product. If you want a stand-alone HRIS, this is definitely one of the most cost-effective, Web-based solutions available today!”

Jim Northrup, Vice President of Human Resources, Kroll


iVantage understands that employees are not statistics; they are a company’s most valuable asset. In a time of low unemployment and high turnover, tracking and analyzing HR data gives companies a formidable advantage over their competition. iVantage provides unequaled integration of HR knowledge, industry experience, and the latest Web technology that assists companies in enhancing their utilization of human capital. With iVantage, executives have immediate access to the HR data they need to make critical business decisions.


iVantage has been designed and developed with both the small and mid-market HR professional and remote manager in mind

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