Dispensing More Than Aspirin

Dispensing More Than Aspirin – Brief Article

Carroll Lachnit

Lots of large industrial companies have onsite occupational-care clinics. It’s a way to deal with minor injuries and ailments, Occupational Safety and Health Act-required medical testing, and the problem of lost plant time.

For PolyOne Corporation, though, those aren’t the most important functions of the dispensary at its Avon Lake, Ohio, campus. The dispensary is a day-to-day demonstration of the company’s commitment to employee well-being and safety, says Diane Davie, chief human resources officer. Avon Lake is home to PolyOne’s corporate headquarters and a manufacturing plant for its plastics compounding and colorant business.

The 500 employees at Avon Lake can drop in or make appointments with Dr. Steve Weirich, see a physician’s assistant, or one of the two registered nurses on staff. The dispensary has free nutrition classes, annual physicals, wellness programs, massage therapy, and a fitness center. Several employees, including Davie, have chosen Weirich as their primary care physician.

The dispensary is staffed and managed by Cleveland-based Whole Health Management. Outsourcing creates an important sense of privacy that’s critical to the clinic’s success, Davie says. “I really do believe it makes a difference in people not thinking that their records and their personal medical history is in the hands of their employer.”

Dr. Bruce Sherman, vice president of medical affairs for Whole Health Management, agrees. Employee records “are sacred, and can effectively only be released with written permission of the employee,” he says.

To Davie, the greatest benefit is that the clinic’s convenience and quality of care has meant that many employees have had earlier diagnosis and treatment of potentially serious illnesses.

“This reinforces something we believe in and try to live by: we very much value our employees and care about their health and welfare,” she says.

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