But Will They Clean the Kitty Litter?

But Will They Clean the Kitty Litter? – Brief Article

Tiffany Cohen

In a world where many employees have barely enough time in the day to fill their gas tanks, one company is offering employers a chance to help them.

Circles, a company that was founded in 1997 by two Stanford business grads, is hawking “personal assistant on demand” services to employers to purchase for their staff.

The Boston-based firm–which says people now have only 10 percent of their weeks available for family, friends and personal time combined–will do such things as plan vacations, purchase tickets for sporting events and concerts for employees hoping for a good seat, suggest birthday presents for relatives, run errands, or wait at someone’s residence if the cable guy is coming.

“We basically do anything that’s on your to-do list, minus the kids,” says Josh Fine, Circles’ brand marketing specialist, who explains that there’s too much liability involved when babysitting and day care are added to the mix of services. Fine says most of Circles’ clients are high-tech firms or services companies, such as consulting, finance and law.

Boston law firm Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault recently started using the service for its attorneys and support staff. Testa partner Tim Maguire claims the service squares with the firm’s “commitment to our employees and to helping make their lives less stressful.”

Source: Circles

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