Portable sanders breathe new life into dusty subject

Portable sanders breathe new life into dusty subject

Equipment manufacturers are responding to workers needs by developing portable sanders and downdraft tables to minimize dust in the workplace, as evidenced by the following products. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader’s Service Card.

The new Jet Equipment & Tools’ line of pneumatic sanders includes dustless, random orbital, palm, jitterbug, straight line, high speed and mini-belt sanders. The mini-belt sanders are lightweight, heavyduty and feature rear exhaust, exhaust silencer, 360[degrees] head rotation and built-in regulator for positive speed control. The company says all its sanders are designed with dynamic counterweight vibration isolators for low vibration and feature a built-in speed regulator for positive speed control.

Sioux Tooles offers the Model 690VV variable speed control, random orbital disc, air finishing sander with a venturipowered, self-contained vacuum system. The 69OW is equipped with a rear remote exhaust and filter bag, thereby reducing the airborne dust particles in the workplace without sacrificing sander power or finish quality, the company says.

Model 0125 dustless random orbital sander from Metabo Corp. features a 1.8-amp motor with electronic variable speed from 5,000 to 12,000 orbits per minute. Dust is drawn directly through the sander’s 5-in. diameter sanding disk and trapped in a cloth dust bag, eliminating the need for bulky sanding shrouds and thereby increasing finishing coverage, the company says.

Master Power offers a variety of portable power tools including sanders, drills, screwdrivers and grinders, according to the company.

Dynabrade’s air-powered Dynorbital random orbital sander combines an orbital and random action to produce swirl-free finishes on wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic and composites. The tool features a conveniently-located palm throttle and a weight-balanced back-up pad. The palmstyle model is available in 3 1/2-in.-diameter capacity and is designed for low vibration and quiet operation, according to the company.

Dowait’s DW411 1/4 sheet, heavyduty palm-grip sander, features a dual counterbalanced low-vibration design and detachable wide-mouth, zipperless dust collection system; dust collecting is through the pad and an optional adapter is available for dust extraction hoses. The company adds that the dual grip body design enables multiple positions for one-handed sanding. Other features include: 1.7 amp, 13,500 orbits per minute, and removable top cap for easy access to the switch, cord set and brushes.

Divindacon Producto offers the Model 165 Quicksand Belt sander with a 1-in. by 42-in. belt for deburring, finish sanding, and polishing metal, plastic or wood materials. It operates vertically and comes with a convenient carrying handle for moving the sander to the work, rather than bringing the work to the sander. It can be supplied with or without motors and is made in the United States, according to the company.

The random orbital sander Model 7484 from Skill Corp. features 6 amp, 10,000 orbits per minute for fast stock removal. The sander features through-the-base dust collection and a large dust collection bag to keep the workplace clean. Other features of the sander include: D-style top handle for stability and better sanding control; 5-in.-diameter pad with pressure-sensitive mounting for sandpaper changing and,reuse of abrasives with an optional Velcro system available, according to the company.

Aro Corp. offers a complete range of random orbital sanders in both standard and mini sizes. The sanders offer lube-free operation, effective dust evacuation and advanced ergonomic styling, the company says.

Pneumatic all-surface belt sanders from Nitto Kohki USA can be used on wood, steel, titanium, cast iron, aluminum and other materials without producing hot spots, the company says. Operator efficiency is maximized and arm fatigue reduced by requiring only slight contact with the material, the company adds. The sanders feature quick belt charge, 360[degrees] sanding head rotation and flat, concave and triangular shoe shapes. Circle #412

Downdraft tables

An IWF ’92 Challengers Award entry, the Dustop 3500 from Comco is currently being offered with an optional UHMW work surface in place of the original Masonite type work surface. UHME is an extremely durable plastic, the company says, and is machined to the same specifications as the original to ensure airflow is at the maximum amount of 3,500 cubic feet per minute. Filters are reusable and last a minimum of 1 year.

Another Challengers Award entry, Model CSI-HSB hand sanding/blow-off booth from Classic Systems pneumatically conveys dust horizontally to a pickup plenum. The dust is accelerated through narrow slots into the exhaust chamber mounted on a water pan. The chamber has sawtooth leading edge plus various angled baffles. This configuration, coupled with water in the pan, creates a scrubbing action which removes dust from the air stream, the company says.

Dustvent’s Model 2.3X3FI offers dual capabilities, serving as both a downdraft bench and a dust collector. An internal diverter changes the bench from a downdraft, that captures the dust created when finishing wood or metal parts, to a central collector that source captures dust generated at remote wood or metal working machines; it will simultaneously serve one to five machines. The 2.3-ft by 3-ft downdraft bench is 34 in. high, with a direct drive 3-hp blower.

The Coral Polival downdraft table from Atlantic Machinery is made of galvanized steel plates. High air suction on three sides as well as on the table provides filtering capacity of up to 99%. A system 6f galvanized ducts to recycle filtered air back into the workplace is available. The table has a large filtering surface and a rating of 74 DB. The worksurface, front and side walls can be removed in order to allow internal inspection or to enable support of large size items.

The Torit environmental control booth from Donaidson Co. is designed to remove fine airborrie dust from multiple sources without restricting worker movement or visibility. The booth design pulls dust-laden air away from the worker at a rate of 140 fpm, the company says. It requires no ductwork and recirculates the cleaned air.

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