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Winetech – Brief Article

Winetech, located in Napa, Calif., “provides mobile filtration services to wineries using either our 5 square meter horizontal pressure leaf filter for wine or one of our 10 square meter rotary drum vacuum filters for heavier products such as lees,” Chris Paterson, operations manager, responded in an e-mail.

New Winetech products include two 10 square meter rotary drum vacuum filters, which facilitate “a faster response time during harvest. This is important when filtering juice lees so that fermentation does not happen spontaneously within the lees, or when a winery needs to stop fermentation once residual sugars have dropped to a predetermined level,” Paterson added.

Paterson also said that Winetech’s filtration techniques and processes are “suitable for any varietal.” Paterson recommends the Winetech rotary drum vacuum filter for “recovery of usable wine or juice from juice lees, bentonite lees, racking lees, barrel lees and fermenting wine.” He also suggests the Winetech horizontal pressure leaf filter for “polish filtration prior to bottling or to stabilize wines with bacterial problems.”

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