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Those crazy Canadians

Those crazy Canadians – Wise & Otherwise

Anyone who thinks Wine Brats events are a little on the wild side should see what’s going on–or should we say coming off?–north of the border. A post wine-tasting party during November’s Cornucopia event, held at the Whistler resort in British Columbia, featured a crew of topless, g-string-clad women, decoratively spray painted with winery logos. (Nekkid, spray-painted men were conspicuously underrepresented, you won’t be surprised to hear.) For those in need of additional eye candy, snacks were served in paper cones made from Playboy magazine pages. We’d expect this sort of thing from the French, but the Canadians? Who would have guessed? For more on what’s happening with the B.C. wine industry, check out the article on page 88. No, it doesn’t include a centerfold, so don’t even ask.

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