“…old issues…”


I have the following 17 old issues of Wines & Vines, and wonder if they would be of any value to you. From 1937: Feb., Mar. (2 copies), Apr. (2 copies, one damaged), June; July; Nov.; Dec.; from 1938: Feb.; March; June; Nov.; from 1939: Feb.; March; May; and from 1945: Dec.

/s/ George Burtness

E-mail: BurtWine@aol.com

(Any archivists out there?–Ed.)

“…several mistakes…”


We received the May issue of Wines & Vines and unfortunately there are several mistakes in the article “That little WAX thing.”

Walnut Hill produces Bottle Seal 1 Wax which is available in 13 standard colors, as well as custom blended colors. This product is produced in 1/4 lb. cakes which are easy to melt down and apply to the tops of bottles. The production line described at the R.H. Phillips operation uses Walnut Hill Bottle Seal 1 Wax, which is melted and then applied to the tops of the corks with the CSS/Nordson system.

This same wax can be used to dip bottles ranging from small bottles of hot sauce to magnums holding special wines. Walnut Hill does not produce wine caps. All of our waxes are applied to bottles after the wax is melted down and the bottles are either capped at 190[degrees]F or dipped at about 160[degrees]F. R.H. Phillips, Canandaigua and Kendall-Jackson all apply Walnut Hill wax to the tops of their bottles in a liquid form–not in the ready-made discs.

The wine caps described in the article must be applied in a two-stage operation. A hot melt adhesive must be placed on the cork and then the wax cap must be placed on top of the adhesive. With the Walnut Hill Bottle Seal 1 Wax, our product is applied directly to the cork in approximately 1 gram quantities. This system is a much more economical way of applying wax to the tops of bottles.

/s/ Richard J. Scuderi

Walnut Hill Enterprises, Inc.

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COPYRIGHT 2000 Gale Group

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