Canandaigua buys Guild for $55 million – Canandaigua Wine Co.; Guild Wineries and Distilleries – Brief Article

Canandaigua Wine Co. of New York State agreed to purchase the assets of Guild Wineries and Distilleries of Woodbridge in California. The purchase price was $55 million; Guild’s sales last year were reported to be $63 million.

Canandaigua, piloted by Marvin Sands, already owns Widmer’s Wine Cellars, Naples, N.Y.; Batavia Wine Cellars, Batavia, N.Y.; Tenner Bros. in South Carolina, Crystal Wine Cellars in New York and California Fruit Products Co., Fresno, and Bisceglia Bros., Madera, Calif. With the acquisition of Guild, Canandaigua now ranks third among U.S. wineries with 92 million gallons of storage capacity.

Among the Guild brands Canandaigua will add to its roster are Cook’s and Chase-Limogere champagnes, Dunnewood varietals and the Cribari line. Canandaigua’s J. Roget dropped to third place among the sparklers when Cook’s overtook it.

Previously, Canandiagua had purchased the “Cisco” brand from Guild.

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