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PPDs get a workout at Bodek and Rhodes seminar

PPDs get a workout at Bodek and Rhodes seminar

PHILADELPHIA – In less than one month’s time, Bodek and Rhodes’ wearables experts traveled the country, training over 900 promotional products salespeople in a power-packed, two-hour educational, motivational and highly personal seminar. A free Wearables Workout session was held in 13 locations throughout the U.S., presented by Russell Artwear and the industry-acclaimed Wearables University.

The bottom-line objective of Wearables Workout was to provide everyone who attended with powerful tools they can apply effectively to boost their business. To achieve this, the session creators, facilitators and trainers developed a high-impact way to educate customers on emerging wearables trends and help them discover how they can increase their customer base as well as their profits. It was all done in an interactive environment, allowing participants to learn from others in the session.

“We wanted everyone to walk out of their workout inspired, energized and powered up with all kinds of unique tools that will give them the edge in the upcoming sales seasons,” said Mary Ellen Hudicka, director of marketing communications for Bodek and Rhodes. “And to do that, we had to design something truly unique. A mere product presentation simply wouldn’t cut it… given what we set out to achieve. It had to be fun, interesting, and interactive… but at the same time cut to the chase about where the industry is going and what our customers need to do stay ahead of it.”

Highlights included: mind-expanding seminars from three Wearables University pros; a presentation on sales tactics, low-cost marketing techniques and new opportunities arising in the industry; a fashion show of the hottest sellers and upcoming styles; and free wearables samples and product catalogs to enhance sales presentations. Attendees were given a “playbook” of the tools they need to be more productive at their on job, which included everything from swatch cards to stitch-count decorating guides. Attendance at each workout was limited so Bodek and Rhodes could maintain a more intimate, one-on-one atmosphere, which really seemed to make the difference.

“It was an awesome opportunity to meet with folks and exchange ideas,” said Dave Coffey of Square Enterprises.

“It really helped me to sell more,” said Alison Cary, Advertising Images and Embroidery. “I was very impressed with the interactive learning seminar and the ability of the workshop trainers to connect with the group.”

The workouts were geared to support several different levels of wearables business teams. Seasoned salespeople, new salespeople and front-office personnel were encouraged to attend.

“We helped the veterans fine-tune their selling skills, rookies gain the knowledge and strategy they need to make a powerful entry into the selling arena, and support personnel learn to identify trends and better recommend faster, more effective solutions,” said Hudicka. “We are thrilled with the response and we’ve had nothing put positive reactions from the businesses we’ve helped support with these seminars. We really launched something powerful here, and you can be sure we’ll keep the momentum going.”

Additional Wearables Workouts are being planned for 2003 in regions around the country. Updates concerning times and locations will be available at

“I highly recommend this workshop,” said Henry Ware of American Solutions for Business. “From lines of clothing, to markets to sell to, to knowledge of products and fashion trends… the information was invaluable.”

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