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PPD Solution Ink gets charitable with a Great Idea

PPD Solution Ink gets charitable with a Great Idea – Brief Article

HOUSTON, Texas – In the “Great Ideas” file comes a plan from Texas promotional products distributor Solution Ink.

Solution Ink (, beginning in October and continuing through the end of the year, is applying fifty-percent of the profit generated from a client’s promotional product order to a donation, in the client’s name, to the charity of their choice.

Co-owner Herman Clopton explained how it works: “Just log onto our website, select a promotional product from the 100 brand-name items we have available, upload your logo or choose from our library, choose position and color, double click and place your order.”

Solution Ink operates on the proven strategy that a promotional item, such as a pen, flashlight, or key chain, imprinted with a client’s logo or message will outlast conventional advertising.

“We’ve seen that such promotional products are cost-effective and easily obtainable and provide a tangible reminder of the client, big or small, local or national,” said Clopton. “Solution Ink offers one-on-one service with this plan that provides a world of affordable promotional options that get results. In these days of overcrowded, high-priced commercial ads more and more organizations are now turning to this alternative kind of promotion.”

Wearables Business believes this to be a great marketing idea for Solution Ink, and we’re sure it will generate more than good will with its clients, potential clients and, of course, the charitable community where the proceeds will go. But more than that, this idea sells the promotional channel to the end-user community as not just a viable alternative to conventional advertising, but perhaps even a better solution. We’re all for anything that gets the word out on this channel.

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