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Good news from distributors

Good news from distributors – Brief Article

Jeff Rundles

In our June edition, Managing Editor Brian Anderson penned an article titled “How to source hard-to-find items,” and in what looked like a stroke of genius at the time, he included a section urging readers to call us — the editorial staff at Wearables Business — because, as he said, “we hate to fail anyone who gives us a shot, so we don’t give up easily.”

We could tell the very moment when the magazine hit the mail-boxes in various Zip Codes around the nation, because the phone almost quite literally began ringing off the hook. And we got some doozies. Gold lame button-front shirts. Pirate T-shirts. Shirts made of a fabric that would allow the wearer to get a tan through the material. Denim shirts with steel buttons.

These really fell into the category of hard-to-find, but most of the inquiries were just for normal things. “Can you find me a Navy blue, 100-percent cotton pique golf shirt?” We said, “Yeah, we can probably find you a few thousand to choose from.”

It didn’t take long — maybe a morning, maybe until just after lunch — when we all began sarcastically thanking Brian because, well, our regular full-time jobs were so boring that it was nice he could bring so much extra work into the place. Phrases like “Hornet’s nest” and “Can of worms” have been bandied about, and there may have even been a dart hoard with Brian’s picture on it posted on the wall.

For the first couple of days, or until I could catch my breath, I thought about not answering the phone anymore, and letting the voice mail take over. But I hate people who use voice mall so they never have to take a blind phone call, so I couldn’t do that.

I took the calls and decided the best way to deal with the barrage was to delve a little deeper than the sourcing question and find out a little bit about the business of our readers, the promotional products distributors. What I discovered was a group of wonderful people, each reporting that business was good and that business in wearables was getting better all the time. In fact, many reported that they were busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

But we want to know even more about our readers. Please take a moment to fill out the Promotional Products Distributors Survey on page 18 of this issue and fax it back to us at (720) 489-3225.

It’ll help us discover more ways to make you busier than ever. Like us, thanks to Brian.

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