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FiberLok creates Lextra Microfibre heat transfer – Wearables Wire

FiberLok creates Lextra Microfibre heat transfer – Wearables Wire – Brief Article

FORT COLLINS, Cob. – FiberLok Inc., the only American printing company specializing in the manufacture of fiber graphics, has created a new product for embellishing apparel as an alternative to traditional screenprinting or embroidery.

The Lextra Microfibre heat transfer is a breakthrough flock heat transfer that uses millions of ultra-fine fibers to create the most faithful reproduction of logos for a smooth, streamlined effect on clothing, promotional products, automobile applications and more.

FiberLok, along with European Lextra licensees Chris Kay Ltd. in Ireland and SEF in France, worked for more than three years to develop and perfect the Lextra Microfibre transfer printing technology. A patent application has been filed as a result of the development.

Lextra transfers have been used by many of America’s leading apparel companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Old Navy. The new Microfibre transfer uses the same quality of yarn-dyed nylon flock with the brilliance and permanence of the original Lextra.

“Over the years, Lextra transfers have consistently met our customers needs to faithfully reproduce designs with a soft, richly textured graphic. At the same time, we have often been asked to enhance those features by developing an even more lightweight, sheer transfer to conform to high-tech sports apparel,” said FiberLok President Brown Abrams. “With the new Lextra Microfibre transfer, we have achieved all these things in one stroke and at the same price as the original.”

Lextra Microfibre transfers are available now at a minimum 500-piece order for custom printed designs. They are manufactured exclusively at FiberLok’s Fort Collins, Cob, plant. The transfers can be applied with a standard heat transfer press.

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