What Kids Buy

Three Web sites that offer, in effect, an online mall for kids make great sources of the stuff kids crave. Here are the top-ten daily best sellers for last Thursday on RocketCash:

1. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace products, from beyond.com

2. Ricky Martin: Ricky Martin, from amazon.com

3. Katrina skirt, from delias.com.

4. Pokemon Blue Gameboy, from etoys.com

5. Bushmistress hat, from mxg online.com

6. Ripstop drawstring cargoes, from jcrew.com

7. Killer Look Reckless Street Sports sunglasses, from shades.com

8. Adidas Women’s Galaxy running shoes, from fogdog.com

9. Floral cord dress, from delias.com

10. Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, from barnesandnoble.com

Top sellers on ICanBuy, says Paul Herman, CEO and founder are:

* music, specifically hip-hop titles

* girls’ accessories, especially blue daisy chokers from buycurious- .com

* sporting goods, like golf balls, basketballs and baseballs, from justballs.com

* computer games, especially Star Wars.

Boys are especially interested in Star Wars, music and videogames, Herman says.

When asked about top-selling items, Doughnet president and cofounder Ginger Thomson sent a message to retail partners, by saying only that those items come from companies that cross-promote her site, like Urban Decay.

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