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Magazine & Issue Date: Teen, March

Overview: This month’s cover girl is in the pink … no wait, she is Pink. The

R&B star gets a makeover inside (but the hair color stays the same). Teen

reports that data from a Kaiser Family Foundation survey found 94 percent of

parents want schools to talk about the pressures to have sex. Readers ask for

advice on getting a date for the prom and dealing with a boyfriend who gossips

about make-out sessions. Readers can try to predict their future by cutting


Teen’s runes, squiggly fortune-telling symbols used by the Vikings. Track &

Field junior Olympian Tifani Grimes talks about the thrill of running and the

mag provides readers with a guide for starting a walk-to-run plan. Also inside,

a Q&A with Destiny Childs’ Beyonce Knowles, and guys talk about what puzzles

them most about the opposite sex (like all that body glitter)

Editors Endorse: Editors’ picks include low-waisted Express Jeans with lace-up

sides, the Nike Triax 10 watch and Datnie Accessories’ gem petal rings. Beauty

editors like Altoids Pick-Me-Up cologne, Tiara Misu’s mini tiara combs and Star

Burst Glitter Gels

Ad Opportunities: Universal is hyping the DVD release of “Bring It On” with a

chance to win a trip to New York. CVS Pharmacy has an advertisement for its


grl>lab, a section in the store for girls’ beauty products. Not to be outdone,

drugstoe rival Eckerd is pushing its teen girl beauty items. Contact: Rochelle

Carrington, 212/886-3600.

Magazine & Issue Date: Teen People, March

Overview: Destiny’s Child appears on the cover and inside we learn that Beyonce

will star in “Carmen Brown,” an MTV-produced version of the opera “Carmen.” O-

Town dishes on life after ABC’s “Making the Band.” Ron Lester from WB’s

“”Popular”” talks about the hardships of weighing 400 pounds and his resolution

to lose weight. “Real World New Orleans” cast member Danny Roberts (S2K editor

Amy Frazier’s former college roommate) is featured in a piece on the Nautica

Men’s spring ’01 runway show. There is an article on how to apply your makeup

for Oscar night (since we’re sure many readers will be walking the red carpet

arm-in-arm with Leonardo DiCaprio). In addition to the usual celebrity fare are

several serious articles, including a look at one young couple’s fight against

cancer and a story on teen use of club drugs such as ecstasy, DXM and GHB.

Editors Endorse: Spa 2 Go Body Butter, Lorac’s Lip Polish and Avon Smooth and

Shine Anti-Frizz Capsules get the OK from beauty editors. On the music front,

Willings-boro, N.J., trio City High gets the nod.

Ad Opportunities: Cover Girl has a double-page spread for its Night to Remember

sweepstakes (the winner will have BBMak perform at her prom). Food advertisers

include Tang, Corn Nuts and Twix. Gelly Rolls, the Marines, Outward Bound and

Payless Shoes also have ad space. Contact: Laura Schroff, 800/284-0200.

Magazine & Issue Date: TeenStyle, February/March

Overview: A sophisticated-looking LeAnn Rimes is decked out on the cover with

vivid scarlet lipstick. Inside the former country cutie pie talks about her

upcoming pop-influenced album and her plans to do more movies. S2K editors are

ready to don their legwarmers, parachute pants and neon eye shadow and “Wang

Chung.” According to TeenStyle, future fashion looks are stuck in 1980. The

nearly 5,000 votes from the magazine’s Best in Beauty Poll have been tallied


Laura Prepon (“That ’70s Show”), Winona Ryder and Sarah Michelle Gellar are

among the winners. Melissa Joan Hart (“Sabrina”) earns worst hair, and readers

pick Courtney Love for scariest nails. This issue also features a pull-out

section on making up those peepers. Prom dresses (mostly in the form of ball

skirts and dainty tops) land several of the fashion pages. A prom checklist

advises readers to, among other things, restock their make-up bags and apply

self-tanning cream.

Editors Endorse: Beauty editors like Fresh, Boston’s Cherry Cran-berry Soap,

Urban Decay’s new skincare line and Cover Girl’s Lava Lip Gloss.

Ad Opportunities: Prom dresses abound – Jessica McClintock, Jump Apparel and

Nadine are just a few of the dressmakers with ads. SRS is touting its WOWman,

which enhances the sound of portable music players. Other advertisers include

Gadzooks, and OraLabs, makers of Lip-rageous Lip Balm. Contact:

Lesley Grothe, 800/210-0334, ext.355.

Magazine & Issue Date: YM, March

Overview: More bright red lipstick, this time its Gwen Stefani sporting it on

the cover. She tackles questions readers left for her on, such as why

she dyed her tresses pink. Readers ask for help on breaking the thumb-sucking

habit and um, er, inserting tampons. Three readers share their real-life zit

horror stories for a special feature on the pimply nuisances. There are tips


how to get a workout while zipping around on those scooters that younger

siblings got over the holidays. A guy who says he’s kissed more than 100 girls

gives smooching suggestions. Michelle Trachtenberg, the little sis on “Buffy

the Vampire Slayer,” dishes on Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast.

Also inside, a high school cheerleader talks about how she was hazed by her


Editors Endorse: YM editors give William Morrow’s Boys Still Missing and the

nonfiction Girl Code by Diane Farr, former MTV “Loveline” cohost, five and four

stars, respectively.

Ad Opportunities: Pantene promotes its first music competition for young female

vocalists. There are some sophisticated products this month, including


Elliot Lucca’s The Sak, Ford’s Focus and Chevrolet, which is advertising its

scholarship program. Contact: Anne Marie Moriarty, 212/499-2000.”

Magazine Wrap-Up

Everyone likes getting something for nothing – and advertisers are working that angle hard this month. There are always plenty of sweepstakes and contests in the teen books, but this month it seems especially so. In Teen People alone, we counted at least 12 such promotions – from Corn Nuts’ trip to Brazil to skate with World Champion in-line skater Fabiola DaSilva, to Old Navy’s Motorola Talkabout messaging device giveaway.

Although most proms won’t get under way for a couple more months, teen magazines are already prepping girls on fashion and dating. Look for even more prom articles (and advertisements) next month.

And while its still chilly in many parts of the country, models are already shimmying into bathing suits. Spring Break 2001 here we come!

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