Kwikset® Kwik-Install™ reduces installation time – Special Advertising Section

Kwikset® Kwik-Install™ reduces installation time – Special Advertising Section – adv

Kwikset has been a leader in the lockset industry for more than 50 years featuring a long line of superior products. A product like Kwik-Install(tm) that makes short work of knob installation is the kind of revolutionary thinking that earns Kwikset distinctions like the PROSALES Editors’ Choice award.

Ultra Simple.

New Kwik-Install(tm) easy twist-fit mount plate and pre-installed screws mean virtually flawless installation and reduced callbacks. Kwik-Install(tm) is now featured on all Kwikset knobs. Door hardware installation is accomplished in three easy steps for quick and easy, no hassle installation. And there’s no playing around with loose screws or looking for parts or screws.

An important innovation with Kwik-Install(tm) is pre-installed lead screws, which hold the door hardware together through the door. The pre-installed screws and patented alignment plates significantly reduce set-up time and help professionals avoid common installation mistakes.

Kwik-Install(tm) pre-installed screws eliminate lost screws or screw stripping, and the callbacks resulting from on-the-job dings and scratches.

Ultra Smart.

For the Pro Dealer, Kwik-Install(tm) is the smart choice since it will keep your builders happy. No callbacks for them means satisfied customers for you.

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