JELD-WEN AuraLast™ is named the editors’ choice!

JELD-WEN AuraLast™ is named the editors’ choice!

Real Wood That’s Worry-Free

Solid pine AuraLast[TM] solves the problems commonly associated with wood.

Today’s homeowners want the beauty of real wood, yet they aren’t willing to gamble on the risks. That’s why JELD-WEN created AuraLast[TM] wood. It delivers superior protection against wood decay, water absorption and termite infestation. These qualities allow JELD-WEN windows and doors created from solid pine AuraLast to remain beautiful, structurally sound and easy to operate for years to come.

AuraLast wood offers lasting protection because of the treatment process itself. While standard dip treatments provide only surface protection, AuraLast is treated with a water-based, vacuum pressure process that protects the wood all the way down to the core. That means screw and nail holes won’t compromise the integrity of AuraLast wood. The process is also much more environmentally friendly than chemical dip treatments.

“It’s definitely the biggest revolution to hit the wood window and door market in decades,” said Joyce Richter, JELD-WEN windows communications manager. “Given the benefits and comparable costs, why wouldn’t a builder or homeowner choose a product that offers such strong protection?”

In fact, interest in AuraLast wood has become so great that many JELD-WEN windows and doors come with AuraLast as a standard feature. This includes all solid pine, U.S.-produced JELD-WEN windows and patio doors, as well as JELD-WEN Premium Craftsman and French doors.

What’s more, AuraLast wood is backed by an unprecedented 20-year warranty against wood decay and termite infestation. To learn more about AuraLast wood, visit

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