Benefits from Superseal

Benefits from Superseal

1. TRADITION: Superseal boasts a tradition of pride in manufacturing that spans more than 40 years, multiple generations, and thousands of satisfied customers.

2. QUALITY: Orders are taken properly and products arrive on time, every lime. Precision design and assembly using the highest quality raw materials assures that windows will perform properly, smoothly and consistently year after year.

3. RELIABILITY: All materials are produced in-house, ensuring the best in accuracy and strength. Dealers reap the rewards of working with a company that isn’t trying to manufacture the cheapest product on the market, but tartar a product that will last a lifetime.

4. STYLE: A wide selection of styles and finishes to suit every application. And every window and door features extra details, classic lines, and perfect angles to define true style.

5. CUTTING EDGE: All Superseal windows and doors meet or exceed the high standards of the Energy Star and NFRC programs and performance guidelines. They also meet or exceed all design pressure and sound transmittance codes, meet windborne debris rules, and pass tough impact and pressure tests.

6. VERSATILITY: Superseal boasts 20 different lines of windows and patio doors, covering everything from the most cost-effective models to the most forward-thinking products in the industry … from multi-family homes to multi-million dollar estates.

7. CONSISTENCY: Superseal has an industry-wide reputation for taking the extra steps to ensure that every window and door has the same consistent level of quality and appearance–and a level of customer service that never varies.

8. PARTNERSHIP: The Superseal partnership net work extends to dealers and builders throughout New England, along the eastern seaboard, down to the “Carolinas and reaching as far west as Chicago. Superseal windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty–as well as a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

9. MARKETING: Extensive national advertising provides dealers sensational marketing support, ensuring an instantly recognizable product and invaluable brand appreciation. Superseal’s website provides comprehensive information about product lines, ensuring that each visitor can find up-to-date specifications, pricing, codes and test reports.

10. BEAUTY: Beautiful windows are not only a pleasure to look through; they are often the crowning jewels that turn ordinary homes into showplaces. Your customers will appreciate the many styles and design options available, improve curb appeal, and, ultimately, help to improve your sales.

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