A long, straight sill plate by Trus Joist

A long, straight sill plate by Trus Joist

TimberStrand[R] laminated strand lumber (LSL) treated sill plates offer builders the ultimate treated sill plate solution. Rather than fighting the twits and bow of treated lumber, builders can depend on the consistency of TimberStrand[R] LSL as a long, straight sill plate, and that means easier installation and minimal waste. The Trus Joist treated sill plate lies flat, increasing the odds for a straight and true wall.

Technology and Innovation

The manufacturing process of TimberStrand[R] LSL combines technology and innovation to provide a versatile, high-performing engineered lumber option for a variety of building applications. Treated with Trus Joist’s proprietary StrandGuard[TM] process, the treated sill plate is the perfect option for above-ground, protected applications.

Guaranteed Protection

Offering guaranteed protection against wood-destroying insects and decay, Trus Joist’s StrandGuard[TM] treatment process utilizes zinc-borate, an EPA-registered pesticide that is engineered for long-lasting protection and is safe for humans and the environment When the product is treated with the StrandGuard[TM] process, zinc-borate is “contained” throughout the entire product, not just the surfhce. As a result, there is no need to field treat after cutting or drilling. Additionally, treated TimberStrand[R] LSL requires no special handling or disposal.

With the TimberStrand[R] LSL treated sill plates, builders can use the same fasteners they have always used–before or since the phase out of chromated copper arsenate. Trus Joist recommends using sill seal when required by design professionals or the builders’ local code.

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