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RFI Ingredients is a manufacturer of innovative natural ingredients for the food, functional food, dietary supplement and pet food industries. The company specializes in the supply of quality ingredients and proprietary formulations, building on its global sourcing network and in-house applications laboratory. Products range from natural antioxidants (OxyPhyte[TM], StabilEnhance[TM]), natural colors (ColorPure[TM]), fruit and vegetable extracts and concentrates to nutraceuticals and customized blends. We also offer botanical extracts in liquid and powder form.

One of our core businesses remains the rosemary antioxidant business. We offer two patented products, a water soluble product and an oil soluble product. Our products are GRAS, Kosher and natural; label declarations include “natural flavor” and “rosemary extract.”

A new key focus for RFI is custom formulations. With our complete in-house applications laboratory, we can customize or offer “off the shelf” formulas for a variety of applications, including beverages, soups, sauces, bars, dairy products, tablets and capsules. With the ability to do either liquid or dry blends, RFI can create a base or deliver a complete turnkey flavor system formulation.

Using our vast array of natural and functional ingredients, we can offer spray dried, roller dried, air dried or flake products as well as liquid bases. RFI can also provide various options in terms of delivery systems and carriers. We have the ability to add our nutritional ingredients as well as the flavor system and any other desired element-such as vitamins, minerals or fiber-to offer a complete formula for your application. We can also provide organic products according to customer needs.

RFI Ingredients

300 Corporate Drive, Suite 14

Blauvelt, NY 10913

Tel: 845-358-8600/800-962-7663

Fax: 845-358-9003

E-mail: rfi@rfiingredients.com

Website: www.rfiingredients.com

For information write in 632

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