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Kerry XBars, the new Kerry energy bar initiative, has arrived on the nutritional scene to offer the deepest portfolio of value-added bar ingredients in the U.S. food industry.

At the source of the initiative is the industry’s most advanced protein applications know-how, according to Kerry Ingredients Marketing Communications Director Jim Andrews. “This includes 14-plus pioneering innovations, including high-protein, low-carbohydrate milk protein isolates.

“Not only is Kerry the leading supplier of high-protein, soy-based inclusions,” he said, “we are also a full-line supplier of nutritionally enhanced coatings for bar applications.

“We provide everything from high-protein soy nuggets on the inside to no-sugar-added coatings on the outside,” he said.

Possessing the largest customer base with the most experience in the functional bar market, the Kerry group is composed of four major divisions that provide components for energy bars.

From Kerry Sweet Ingredients come products that provide crunch, color, flavor and healthy indulgence. From Nutriant come protein inclusions and soy-based ingredients. From Kerry Proteins come specialized milk proteins that add softer texture to nutritional bars. From Kerry Specialty Ingredients come dairy flavorings and functional ingredients.

For more information, please call: (800) 255-6312 and ask for Karen Holliday, marketing manager, Kerry Sweet Ingredients.

Kerry Ingredients

(800) 255-6312

For information write in 622

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