GM cuts sugar, gains momentum

GM cuts sugar, gains momentum

In efforts to allow chocolate lovers to reduce their carbohydrate consumption, General Mills (Minneapolis) has introduced Momentum Bars. The three varieties–chocolate peanut butter, double chocolate and chocolate caramel nut–have 3g of net carbs, while also providing 15 essential vitamins and minerals and serving as a source of calcium.

Perhaps the biggest news from General Mills, though, has been the announcement that three of its most popular kids’ cereals would be offered in a reduced-sugar form. The reduced-sugar versions of Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs have been reformulated using a blend of sugar and sucralose.

According to the company, kids’ and adults’ liking scores for the cereals were “at parity with the original product for all three cereals” in blind taste tests. The reduced-sugar cereals offer at least 10 essential vitamins and minerals, the same as the original versions, but they also boast only 2g or 3g of sugar per serving.

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