Fortifiers and Nutraceuticals

A lighter dairy base for desserts, dips, fillings and fromage frais was shown with a blueberry flavor. With 8% fat, less than sour cream or cream cheese, the mild flavored but richly textured product included Litesse [R], Grindsted [R] stabilizer system, cultures, pectin and flavor, all from Danisco-Cultor. Island Fantasy Soy Beverage contained soy protein isolate, masking flavor system, pineapple punch fruit flavor, Litesse and stabilizer. Chocolate chip cookies with Benefat [R] in the chips and the cookie contained 35% less fat than a typical standard counterpart.

A new line of beta-carotene ingredients was unveiled. Beta-carotene imparts orange and yellow colors as well as the benefits of vitamin A to many food products. Vitamin pre-mix capabilities were demonstrated in products for young and old. Nutrition Cookies for Kids featured a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat for sustained energy without peaks and valleys. Nutra-Perfect peanut butter-flavored bars contained calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium and zinc to help mature adults maintain health.

Omega-3 fatty acids were found in peach passion yogurt. They were also ingredients in Aqua Cuisine Tuna Burgers distributed at the booth. An antioxidant mix in Soaring Mango Yogurt was an example of the vitamin premixes the company offers. Beta-carotene colors were also featured.

Dressing on Italian pasta salad contained Omega-3 27% DHA. The omega-3 oil was not detectable in the oil and vinegar dressing with herb and vegetable notes even though it replaced as much as 25% of the usual oil in the formulation. Ribotide[R] flavor enhancer highlighted the flavors and aided mouth-feel. Ribotide also harmonized the flavors in a spicy Queso Dip made with jalapeno and horseradish.

Inulin prebiotic derived from chicory root was sampled in yogurt. Raftiline[R] inulin is a featured ingredient in Stonyfield Farm All Natural Fruit BlendsYogurt. Orafti also showed water containing calcium and Raftilose[TM] Synergy 1, which has been shown to boost calcium absorption levels. Nutrition bars with both Raftilose and Raftiline provided energy and fiber.

Corn, oat and wheat ingredients from ConAgra are now together under the name ConAgra Grain Processing. Oat ingredients (such as rolled oats, steel cut oats and oat bran), corn ingredients (like flour, meal and grits) and a wide range of wheat ingredients are offered. Recent developments are low micro count wheat flour and microfine whole wheat flour, a very finely ground flour that gives a smoother texture to whole grain products. The company has the ability to coat oats with corn syrup, sugar, honey or reaction flavors to create cereals, bars and snacks.

Biscotti prototypes provided 330 mg of calcium or 33% of the daily value. Chocolate-on-chocolate cookies delivered 6 grams of protein. ALAMIN, a natural milk-derived calcium source increased the calcium content of the double chocolate biscotti. ALAMIN contains 28% calcium and 15% phosphorous. ALANATE 312, a calcium caseinate, provided the protein fortification and was used in the en robing chocolate. ALANATE 312 also controls bloom in chocolate, acting as a stabilizer and emulsifier during temperature fluctuation. NZMP also demonstrated its sensory testing capability for quality assurance and product development. NZMP’s goal is to use sensory evaluation as a precise analytical instrument.

Samples of FiberAid were promoted to add significant amounts of dietary fiber to health and sports beverages without risking flavor, color, aroma or mouthfeel. The natural, completely soluble fiber also incorporates easily into baked goods, where it helps retain moisture, improves dough handling and contributes to a fine grain. FiberAid is approved as a direct food additive by FDA.

A mechanically extracted soy germ flour, Soylife enhanced ice cream and chocolate chews. Four-ounce servings of maple nut or mixed berry ice cream provided 20 mg of isoflavones; chocolate candy supplied 5 mg. Also shown was Biogerm, a cold-pressed wheat germ with high nutrient content for baked goods and other foods.

Bone density measurements stressed the importance of calcium. Calcium chews and tablets contamed XtraCal[TM] XtraCal FP is a whey mineral complex that contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, potassium and ace-inhibiting peptides. A new heat stable whey protein concentrate, Thermax[TM], was also featured. Other products include Provon (a whey protein isolate), lactoferrin, whey protein concentrate, casein, milk protein concentrate, lactose, whey minerals with peptides and milk protein isolate. Bioferrin [TM], a form of bovine lactoferrin, is isolated from fresh cheese whey and retains maximum bioactive properties together with a high level of solubility.

Tomato fiber gives the food industry a multi-purpose dietary fiber concentrate that can be used in recipes containing water. The proportion of lignin and high-quality protein is unusually high for dietary fiber concentrate. VITACEL [R] fibers include wheat fiber, oat fiber, tomato fiber, apple fiber, orange fiber, wheat fiber gel and powdered cellulose.

A high calcium nutrition bar, crispy oatmeal raisin with chocolate coating, was made with calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is high in calcium (40%), highly bioavailable and economical in use. It has an excellent taste in foods. Specialty Minerals offers 19 calcium carbonate products of different particle shapes and sizes.

More than 150 natural botanical products are processed under strict quality control guidelines to specifications. Products include bayberry bark, coriander, elder berries, marshmallow root, psyllium and thyme. Bulk herbal teas include angelica root, black cohosh, dong quai, ginkgo leaf, hyssop, milk thistle and senna leaf.

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, SuperCoat [TM] microencapsulated ingredients and SuperBlend [TM] premixes are available for global distribution. Custom-profile SuperCoat microencapsulated nutrients perform well under extreme processing temperatures and high-shear conditions. The line includes L-arginine, ginkgo biloba, omega-3 oil, soy isoflavones, green tea and bake-stable vitamin C.

In addition to nutritional benefits, fiber improves product and processing efficiencies by offering calorie reduction, fat reduction, flavor control, mouthfeel and microbiological stability. Snowite [R] Oat Fiber 600 benefits cake mixes by improving baking characteristics, appearance and organoleptic properties. Snowite [R] Oat Fiber 200 contains a minimum of 90% dietary fiber on a dry weight basis and it holds from 2 to 2 1/2 times its weight in water.

Isoflavone-fortified bread was featured from the Health & Nutrition Group of Eridania Beghin-Say. Central Soya’s Protein Group featured a pineapple Juice drink fortified with soy protein concentrate that delivers fiber as well as soy protein. Central Soya’s Lecithin Division highlighted Centroflo 8215, a replacement for monoglycerides in yeast-raised bakery products. This blend of wheat flour and enzyme modified lecithin results in a free-flowing powder for dry mixes that slows the staling of baked goods.

Fortified foods and beverages featured at the booth included donuts, vitamin-enhanced energy shakes, fruit juice beverages, ice tea a protein bar and an enriched cheese puff product. The company specializes in custom-formulated nutrient premixes including ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleotides and nutraceuticals.

Short-chain fructooligosaccharides (FOS) act as a non-gritty soluble fiber and prebiotic. NutraFlora[R] is the purest form of shortchain FOS, according to Leslie Strate, sales director. In addition to NutraFlora’s functional properties, the health benefits include increasing calcium absorption, strengthening the immune system, aiding regularity, inhibiting harmful bacteria, and preventing toxic compound build up.

Specialty grains such as barley, wheat, triticale and rye can be dry milled into ingredients for a variety of applications. Puffing durum is processed from larger grade durum wheat and can be used in cereal applications. High-beta glucan varieties of barley can add soluble dietary fiber. The products are now certified organic.

Natural-source antioxidants are used in the formulation of leading antioxidant products sold in fine health food stores, pharmacies, groceries and other retail outlets.

Dairy ingredients played a critical role in four food products. The formulations included a lowfat hot dog with whey protein concentrate, hot cocoa with a calcium boost, a sports bar and a nutraceutical caramel. DMI’s Do it with Dairy[R] program, funded by America’s dairy farmers, sponsored the resources and facilities behind the products’ development.

Wild rice features a roasted, nutty flavor and dark granular kernels (from greenish brown to dark brown or charcoal black). A 45 g serving contains 170 calories, 2 g of fiber, 6 g of protein and provides 15% of the daily value for niacin. Available in 100-lb. poly-woven bag with liner, 80-lb. triple-wall paper, 25-lb. box with liner and bulk tote bags. Quick-cook rice is available in 40-lb. box with liner. Other types of rice available include crisped rices, Thai jasmine rice, quick-cooking rices, milled and parboiled rice, wild rice with cook times ranging from 20-60 minutes and rice flours and rice meals.

Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, which significantly reduces blood pressure in hypertensive rates, was shown in fruit-flavored slush drinks. Davisco’s clean flavored BioZate[TM] is ideal for nutritional applications. Produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of whey protein isolates along with ion-exchange separation technology, the resulting peptides inhibit ACEs (angiotensin-converting enzymes) that, in turn, assist in the production of angiotensin II, a vasoconstrictor. In foods, whey protein hydrolysates can also possess functional properties such as foaming, gelation and emulsification characteristics.

Soda fountain drinks were updated by nutritional fortification. BASF’s array of nutrients includes water-and fat-soluble vitamins, carotenoids and customized nutritional premixes and liquid blends. Staff was on hand to provide technical information.

Soluble dietary fiber from guar gum (Benefiber[R]) was demonstrated in cherry-flavored Kool-Aid[R]. Advantages of Benefiber include colorless, flavorless, water soluble, no effect on viscosity and high dietary fiber content (minimum 80% AOAC method). Dry malt extracts and blends sweeten, enhance color, provide moisture retention, impart flavor, add nutrition and improve the texture of bakery products, cereals, candy, ice cream and yogurt. Soluble creatine was also introduced. It enables the development of creatine beverages with enhanced consumer appeal. Soluble creatine eliminates the gritty mouthfeel and cloudy appearance of beverages formulated with creatine monohydrate.

Technical Session: A Crisis in Calcium

Bone is living tissue undergoing constant remodeling. Osteoporosis results when bone formation does not “keep up” with bone resorption, noted Greg Mundy, M.D., Health Science Center, University of Texas.

Mundy noted that current treatments, such as with estrogens (hormonal replacement therapy) or calcitonin, work to prevent bone loss. Anabolic agents, such as parathyroid hormone (PTH), fluoride, or statins, show promise in positively impacting bone formation, said Mundy.

Such agents often have a drawback, however. For example, PTH has a narrow toxic therapeutic window, and bone treated with fluoride may not be as strong as normal bone. Certain components of functional foods, such as flavonoids and some statins are likely to be beneficial.

John Anderson, Dept. of Nutrition, University of North Carolina, took a closer look at the impact of diet on osteoporosis. Food components that may have a negative impact on bone health include high levels of salt, protein and phosphorus. Anderson noted that except for dairy foods, few foods contain significant calcium levels. Thus, food fortification becomes important.

New recommendations for adequate calcium intakes are identical for males and non-pregnant females. The highest amount, 1,300 mg per day, is recommended for nine to 18 year olds, and 1,200 mg per day for those 50 and older.

USDA statistics show that the median calcium intake is significantly less than recommended. Data suggest that low calcium intake puts girls at risk for fractures, even in early life stages. Anderson noted, however, that once a threshold intake of roughly 1,000 mg per day is reached, further intake had less impact on bone density.

-Claudia O’Donnell, Editor,

Scientists are rapidly accumulating a body of clinical evidence that lactic acid bacteria can benefit human health. “We are now seeking to understand how the organisms behave within the gastrointestinal tract,” said Todd K. Klaenhammer, William Neal Reynolds Professor, Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center and Department of Food Science, North Carolina State University. In his talk “Lactic Acid Bacteria and Health,” Klaenhammer traced the development of the probiotic concept in dairy foods over many decades of research and projected future advances in this exploding field.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species are the most commonly used probiotics, and it appears that they help to establish and maintain the proper intestinal microflora throughout life. In this role, they are believed to enhance our mucosal immunity system and help protect us from invasion by enteric pathogens.

Research efforts are now focusing on the mechanism by which these organisms survive and function in the gastrointestinal tract, and how delivery through dairy products may enhance their probiotic activities.

The genome sequences of probiotic Lactobacillus cultures are on the horizon. The use of this genetic information with new tools of molecular biology will be key to establishing how lactic acid bacteria exert their positive effects on intestinal ecosystems and, ultimately, our health.

Todd Klaenhammer can be reached by e-mail at

Cargill is opening a soy protein isolate pilot plant early in 2001 with full production slated for 2003. Cargill’s product advertises improved color, taste and solubility over other soy isolates. Cargill will be the exclusive North American supplier of trehalose. The naturally occurring disaccharide with unique properties is 45% as sweet as sucrose, and is a nonreducing sugar so it does not participate in Maillard browning. A joint venture between Cargill Citro-America and SunPure Ltd. has produced Citro Pure Cloud, a natural clouding agent for beverages, produced from citrus peel. Cargill’s Gerkens Cocoa is opening a new plant in Ivory Coast in order to work closely with the local farmers on quality issues. The plant will produce cocoa butter, liquor and cocoa powders. An expansion in Cargill’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa, starch plant will eventually double the number of specialty food starches produced.

IFT’s Industrial Achievement Award was presented to Taiyo Kagaku for Sunphenone DCF-1 (decaffeinated green tea polyphenols). Obtained from the leaf of green tea, it is made of highly purified and decaffeinated polyphenols rich in natural tea catechins. These polyphenols have been shown to have numerous biochemical and physiological benefits, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and deodorant activities. This caffeine-free green tea extract can be safely used in dietary supplements and health foods.

Buckwheat flour may serve as a novel ingredient for nutritious foods, providing health benefits for individuals with hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

In a poster presentation, Puntarika Ratanatriwong, Deborah Chow and Si-Quan Li, students from Ohio State University, showed that sensory panelists found buckwheat chocolate ice cream acceptable in taste and texture.

To make the ice cream, buckwheat flour slurry was incorporated with chocolate ice cream mix and placed in a soft-serve machine. Different brands, addition levels and particle sizes of buckwheat flour were considered in the development process.

The addition of buckwheat increased viscosity and decreased melting time and overrun. Respond Surface Methodology results indicated the optimum buckwheat flour level as 1.5% with particle size 150-212 [micro]m. There were no significant differences between the buckwheat ice cream and control based on hedonic preference tests for texture, buckwheat flavor and overall acceptance. Puntarika can be reached at

Inulin was featured in a four-course meal to showcase the diverse applications of this fiber-rich ingredient. Frutafit[R] inulin was formulated into each of the meal components, which included high-fiber crackers topped with a lowfat cheese spread, salad and crudites seasoned with a lowfat dressing, a chicken kebab-style entree with tarragon butter sauce, a chocolate mousse dessert and a Caribbean smoothie designed for bone care.

Omega-3 Fermentation Technology

OmegaTech Inc., Boulder Colo., held a press conference to announce it would reacquire from Monsanto (now named Pharmacia Corp.) the rights to the production and use of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, derived from DHA-rich algae fermentation.

Both DHA-rich oil (40% DHA) and dried whole-cell algae (22% DHA) are available from the company. The oil can be incorporated into a variety of functional foods from baked goods to salad dressings and dairy products to infant formulas. The algae is used as a very stable feed ingredient. In the U.S., hens given algae-enriched feed produce DHA-enriched eggs that are marketed under the brand name Gold Circle Farms.

Increases in rice consumption dovetails with the growing trend toward vegetarian meals. Some of the hottest new products are dry-boxed mixes that are tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. Rice — brown, white, arborio or basmati — can be found in side dishes, frozen entrees, baby food and beverages. The Federation is making available a rice products information kit that includes a convenient source list of suppliers of rice and rice products.

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