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Built For Students By Students, Rapidly Growing Company Leads The Pack As Online Academic Network; Helps Users ‘Study Smarter, Not Harder’

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Hopping online to study for an exam or access class notes has become the norm for today’s students. And in response to this ever-increasing population of tech-savvy students, academic networks have become the ‘go-to’ marketplace.

However, while this new “eLearning” industry abounds, there is one Web site that significantly stands out from the crowd: (formerly

An industry leader, offers a unique online suite of tools available to students and teachers at both colleges and high schools that not only includes digital flashcards and notes, but also offers more student interaction and the most rewarding, academic experience on the Web.

“Unlike other “note-sharing” Web sites, is a true academic network that allows students the opportunity to create, organize, share and learn from content,” said Chris Klundt, Founder and President,

Founded in 2006 at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the company was the brainchild of a computer science student and a business student who together created a Web site that offered undergraduates an easier way to study for exams and prepare for a class. The two students sought help from the University and eventually created a student-run organization that aimed to help its peers study more efficiently.

Since then, without ever seeking a single dollar of outside financial support, StudyBlue has expanded to more than 1,000 colleges and universities and 350 high schools across the country. The Web site has a huge range of more than 100,000 users from high school students to college professors, law students and undergrads — all striving to make studying more efficient.

As StudyBlue’s user base is rapidly growing, so too, is its corporate structure, including a need for a seven-fold increase in employees. “The success of our product has sparked interest from potential investors, as well,” said Klundt.

In response to the change and growth the Web site has seen, has adopted a fresh look. Ben Jedd, Chief Communications Officer, added that it was the right time for change. “We recently made upgrades to the Web site and reworked our look. It’s much more efficient for our growing number of users. We wanted a simple URL [Web address] that is as easy to use as our product.”

Students and teachers alike can take advantage of the academic and organizational support tools on, including a database of class notes from top students around the country; flashcards with study reminders; chapter outlines for textbooks; online study groups; class forums; tutor matchmaking, and a shared calendar that helps track classes, deadlines and other academic obligations. All these tools are built on a networking feature that connects students by course, school, major and textbook.

About (formerly is an online academic network available to students and teachers at both high schools and colleges. The Web site provides a variety of study and organizational aids, course management features, academic networking capabilities, tutor matchmaking and other functions to assist students in improving their academic performance and help them study more efficiently. These tools also allow users to become part of a class-based, online, academic network enabling collaboration through the site to enhance the academic experience. For more information, visit

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