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Synovate Survey Unveils Americans’ Love/Hate Relationship With Jeans

Synovate Survey Unveils Americans’ Love/Hate Relationship With Jeans

CHICAGO, March 4 /PRNewswire/ — New survey results from leading global research firm Synovate show that Americans aren’t particularly brand loyal when it comes to their jeans, would prefer to wear them every single day and some people would rather shop for a swimsuit than try to find the perfect pair of jeans!

The study, conducted with 7,700 people around the world, including 500 adults in the US, asked about all-things denim: fit, quantity, brand preferences and the amount people are willing to spend to achieve jeans nirvana.

Jeans have come a long way since Levi Strauss got Americans into their first pair in the 1870s. Initially meant to be a strong and functional clothing item for laborers, they’ve now become a fashion staple in the American wardrobe. According to Synovate’s findings, 80% of Americans currently own three or more pairs, with 42% attempting to cram five to ten pairs into their drawers. Only 7% of us don’t own a pair of jeans while one in ten Americans owns ten pairs or more.

Not surprisingly, the biggest frustration for 57% of Americans is the struggle to find the perfect fit. When Synovate asked if it was easier to buy a pair of jeans or a swimsuit, 53% said jeans, while 28% said neither was easy. However, 8% of respondents said it’s actually easier to buy a swimsuit!

Joann Schaumann, Senior Vice President of Synovate’s US Retail Group, said, “Retailers may have challenges getting customers to try on jeans in the store as many people are discouraged before they even start their search.”

“Not surprisingly, many more women (72%) than men (41%) reported difficulties in getting a perfect fit. This is probably because women have higher expectations of how jeans should make them look,” said Schaumann.

Only about 8% of Americans say they care most about the brand when shopping for their jeans, and just 7% said that camouflaging their flaws was what they look for first and foremost. Even fewer (6%) said they specifically look for new jeans that will make them look slimmer.

This lack of interest in the jeans brands we put on our own bodies extends to how we view others as well. Only 20% of Americans pay attention to what kind of jeans other people are wearing on the street, and even less (16%) care about the brands the stars are flaunting in Hollywood. Not surprisingly, more than twice as many women as men, 22% versus 10% respectively, notice the brands on celebrity bottoms.

So what’s the most important factor in our jeans purchase? Price and quality. More than three-fourths of Americans are looking for the perfect pair under $40, and 41% are looking for quality jeans that will last a long time.

“Even with the abundance of high end designer jeans, most Americans are low spenders when it comes to their denim,” said Schaumann. “Jeans manufacturers and retailers have their work cut out for them as consumers expect a lot from their jeans, including a low price.”

Given the choice, more than half of Americans say they would wear jeans every single day if they could, despite the fact that only one in three consider it appropriate office attire. This affection and loyalty for our denim even extends to our fond memories of a former clothing size. About two-thirds of American women have kept a pair of jeans that are too small for them in the hopes that they will fit again one day.

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