SurfControl Expands Unified Phishing Attack Protection for Global Enterprises; SurfControl Web and E-mail Filters Deliver Layered Phishing Protection Against Emerging Threats

SurfControl Expands Unified Phishing Attack Protection for Global Enterprises; SurfControl Web and E-mail Filters Deliver Layered Phishing Protection Against Emerging Threats

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire/ — SurfControl (LONDON: SRF) , the world leader in enterprise Web and e-mail filtering, today announced the extension of its unified phishing protection for enterprises in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Through enhancements to SurfControl Web and E-mail Filters, the company is delivering the only multi-layered phishing protection that monitors, tracks and filters the two primary communications methods used for phishing attacks.

“In just a short period of time, phishing attacks have become more devious and malicious — targeting both mass market consumers and specific businesses,” said Susan Larson, vice president, global product content, at SurfControl. “The speed at which phishing threats are evolving further re-enforces the fact that unified Web and e-mail security, combined with ongoing content research around the world, is the only way for businesses to protect themselves.”

Blended attacks, such as phishing, use multiple attack vectors to trick a user or circumvent IT security systems to deliver malicious content or defraud individuals. Existing security solutions focused solely on Web or e-mail security address only half of the problem. Phishing protection in particular is difficult due to the rapid speed at which Web sites (and associated domain names) come up and go down in order to conceal the attacker. Security solutions that only track URLs, and are unable to track the associated spam messages sent to lure an end-user to the phishing site, are therefore rendered ineffective.

New Protection For An Evolving Challenge

SurfControl’s layered threat protection continuously filters an organization’s inbound and outbound Internet traffic stopping known and emerging threats. SurfControl shields against emerging threats through Advance Threat Intelligence(SM). Backed by SurfControl’s Global Threat Experts working 24/7 to monitor, track, review and update the company’s content database, SurfControl is the only content security company delivering unified Web and e-mail filtering to eliminate the threat of phishing. New phishing attack protection added to SurfControl Web and E-mail Filters include:

— Expansion of SurfControl Web Filter’s URL Content

Database — SurfControl has added two new categories to the company’s

world-class content database called “Phishing & Fraud” and “Business.”

These categories help businesses better log and track phishing threats,

and ensure protection. The SurfControl Content Database now tracks

more than nine million URLs in 47 URL categories in 70 languages.

— Extension Of SurfControl E-mail Filter’s URL Content

Database — SurfControl E-mail Filter expands its tracking of spam

messages associated with phishing attacks in the new

“Phishing/Fraud/Criminal” category. Through integration with

SurfControl Web Filter’s URL Content Database, SurfControl E-mail

Filter can also screen URLs associated with phishing attack e-mails.

Additionally, SurfControl E-mail Filter creates dynamic digital

fingerprints for malicious e-mail and can identify suspect messages via

heuristics (behavior monitoring).

— Expanded Reporting Capabilities — As the pressure mounts on both IT

and security professionals to regularly communicate on the security

status and activity to many audiences within an organization,

SurfControl has extended its reporting capabilities to specifically

illustrate which phishing attacks are being prevented. Granular

auditing and reporting is critical for illustrating compliance with

government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Health Insurance

Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Protection Against The Criminals Who Protect The Criminals

SurfControl’s layered threat protection is particularly effective for protecting customers from the growing number of phishers that rely on offshore “bullet proof” hosting sites to remain in business. These hosting sites shield the identity of phishers and spammers and are designed to remain in continuous operation. The traditional technique of a phisher (who is also a spammer) is to rotate domain names very quickly for phishing sites and e-mail messages, and to also rotate the locations from which sites and e-mails originate. However, phishers and spammers frequently return to the same “bullet proof” hosting site. SurfControl’s Global Threat Experts not only logs domains associated with phishing attacks, but can also identify the attacking site by the IP address of the hosting server. A phishing site may only be up for a matter of hours, even days, but if a phisher uses that same IP address for future attacks, SurfControl Web Filter can immediately block the attack.

About SurfControl

SurfControl plc, is a world leading Internet security company that stops threats for companies of all sizes. Our enterprise Web and E-mail filtering solutions handle existing and emerging threats by continuous attention to quality and innovation, helping customers manage threats such as spyware, phishing, spam, gambling and porn in many forms. SurfControl is the industry’s only complete solution to manage Internet threats with high quality multilayered solutions. SurfControl technology protects all points of entry, and every way employees use the Internet for business — Instant Messaging, Web, e-mail and peer-to-peer, whether in the office or remotely. It also works on the most popular platforms they work on — Microsoft Exchange Server and ISA Server 2004, Juniper, Cisco, CheckPoint, BlueCoat and many more.

The company’s products and technology are used by more than 20,000 customers worldwide, including many of the world’s largest corporations. SurfControl employs approximately 500 people in offices across the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific. For further information and news on SurfControl, please visit .

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