Maximizing screening strength

Maximizing screening strength

For optimum product sizing, Dupo, Ill.-based Casper Stolle Quarry & Contracting Co. operates 14 Deister screens in its Falling Springs Quarry–a fully automated plant that combines efficient screening with a unique blending tunnel to create custom mixes for its customers. A few years ago, the a featured stop on a plant tour during the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s (NSSGA) Automation Conference.

“Our entire plant, including our screening systems, is designed for flexibility,” says John Cramer, president of Casper Stolle, a company whose history in the quarry business dates back to 1856. Cramer is a 32-year industry veteran who served as the 2003 NSSGA chairman.

The new plant at Falling Springs Quarry was built in two phases. When the plant initially went online in 1998, it relied primarily on Deister triple-deck 8-ft. x 20-ft. screens. In 2003, the completion of phase two marked the creation of a true fraction plant that includes additional Deister triple-deck 8-ft. x 20-ft. screens and numerous 5- ft. x 12-ft., high-frequency screens, all housed in enclosed towers and customized to fit the needs of the operation.

“When you’re dealing with conventional screening, you have to deal with the elements and the moisture content of the material,” says Casper Stolle Superintendent Lanny Largent, an engineer with more than 36 years of aggregate industry experience. “In our operation, we can control our gradations far more effectively.” His reason for choosing all Deister screens, he says, is due to design features, product support and parts availability.

After screening, segmented product sizes are stockpiled or held in surge bins, and products can be custom-mixed in a blending tunnel. The Falling Springs Quarry currently offers more than 52 product recipes. The plant, says Largent, is one of only two fraction plants in Illinois and the only plant that is blending products for local delivery. Additionally, the plant’s automation allows it to operate unattended, controlled from a laptop computer in a home office.

“With just a few keystrokes, we can custom-blend to exact specifications,” he says. The plant can also be run during off-peak electricity hours, significantly cutting energy costs. “This plant would only have been a dream 10 years ago,” Largent says. “Now it’s a reality. The technology in our industry has come a long way.”

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Casper Stolle Quarry & Contracting Co.’s Falling Springs Quarry offers more than 52 product recipes.

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