Printer-slotter rotary diecutter

Printer-slotter rotary diecutter – Spotlight on Rotary Diecutters

Piemme recently introduced an innovation to improve diecutting and printing quality. A new generation of printer-slotter rotary diecutter will achieve maximum flexibility during order change from printer-slotter to printer diecutter. The slotter will be equipped with the well-known Extending device, a brushless motor installed on the slotter to increase slotting capacity circumferentially. The Extending device has been modified in order to allow the machine inline diecutting with out taking off slotter knives or moving laterally slotter heads. The functions give more flexibility and a much shorter order change. The rotary diecutter will be equipped with speed control to correct anvil speed and box dimension. A digital display allows the operator to correct boxes’ dimensions. This is not just a simple motor installed on the anvil cylinder but a new system to control boxes’ dimensions with rotary diecutting. The option is now available on all Piemme bottom printing machines. A new simple and easy to use chamber doctor blade system has been designed in order to reduce typical cleaning and maintenance problems.

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