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Esko-Graphics produces ArtiosCAD Mac and PC plug-ins for Adobe[R] Illustrator[R], ensuring the streamlined integration of CAD with graphic design files in the prepress workflow. Until now, an EPS file had to be exported from ArtiosCAD and opened in Adobe Illustrator. The free plug-in allows users to open or place native ArtiosCAD files into Adobe Illustrator without any file conversion. After opening an ArtiosCAD design, the ArtiosCAD structure and properties are kept and placed in a separate working layer. Esko-Graphics says it has implemented some helpful features to its plug-in, ensuring that files developed within Illustrator are as productive as possible. For example, a time stamp is embedded in the file so that Illustrator can automatically update its CAD layer when the original CAD file is edited. The different CAD line styles (cuts, creases, bleed) are translated to custom colors. The ArtiosCAD plug-in is available as a downloaded file from the Esko-Graphics Web site at


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