Drent Goebel’s VSOP

Drent Goebel’s VSOP

Drent Goebel

Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) combines the advantages of both offset and flexo. The result is an extremely flexible printing press, allowing use of variable print lengths. Drent Goebel is known for its innovative press designs combined with superior printing quality, the company says. The company’s newest press, the VSOP, is an innovative and adaptable machine.

Print Lengths

The sleeve technology is known from flexo and gravure printing and has yielded great results there. Introducing this technique in offset brings flexibility to a higher level. Flexibility means that a printer can react very quickly to market demand. Within one hour a complete job with printing plates can be prepared. A job change on the press only takes a couple of minutes.

VSOP allows the printing length to be set seamlessly from 15 to 30 inches for the 520 and 850 and 22.5 to 44 inches for the 1120 and 1250. This makes it a flexible printing press and is well suited for a wide range of orders.

VSOP for Various Markets

VSOP offers advantages due to its quick sleeve changes and high production speed. The inexpensive image carrier, the relatively low cost of investment compared to gravure and flexo printing and the possibility of printing profitably in small runs, make the technology suitable for varying markets.

The press has environmental advantages because it uses UV-inks instead of solvent-based inks. It also offers ergonomic advantages due to its lightweight sleeves.

Sheet-Fed Market

Even in the sheet-fed market, there is a lot of interest in the VSOP. The VSOP can help the printer be more profitable. In comparison to sheet-fed, the production costs of the VSOP are about 20 to 30 percent less. A VSOP including a sheeting unit can run 30,000 sheets per hour both sides varnished.

Leading Innovations

Drent Goebel has been a leading innovator for years in building narrow web rotary offset printing presses. It set the trend with the launch of the Direct Drive Vision. The press has a modular frame, shaftless, individually driven printing units, and short, no-tools, turnover times. The modular system gives the printer an opportunity to configure a hybrid printing machine. It is easy to implement flexo, gravure, screen, hot foil, laminating, and inline matrix diecutting units.

Key Features:

* Modular frame

* Individually driven printing units

* Short turnover times

This article was submitted by Drent Goebel, Eerbeek, Holland. For more information, call 31 313 671 911, e-mail info@drent-goebel.com, or visit www.drent-goebel.com.

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