Tamura introduces lead-free, halogen-free solder

Tamura introduces lead-free, halogen-free solder

Tamura Corporation of Japan has unveiled its TLF-204-NH lead-free solder paste, which does not contain a halogen compound such as bromine and chlorine.

The existing solder paste uses a halogen compound to improve wettability and activity that prevents metal oxidation. But halogen compounds may generate dioxin when devices containing them are incinerated after disposal.

By adding an organic compound, which will not generate dioxin or other harmful substances, the latest solder paste has a wettability and activity level equivalent to those of the existing products. The solder alloy is composed of tin, silver and copper and has a melting point of 216-220[degrees]C. The company is currently shipping samples.

At the moment, there are no regulations to restrict the use of halogen compounds in electronics. But Tamura reportedly developed the latest product because some manufacturers are voluntarily limiting the use of halogen compounds, etc.

The new solder paste was first displayed at the JPCA Show 2008, held over 11-13 July at Tokyo’s Big Sight. Tamura also planned to exhibit the TNB40-547PT reflow system, which can save power consumption by approximately 20% by adopting an air cooling method instead of the existing water cooling method.

For further information, contact: Tamura Corporation, 1-19-43 Higashi-Oizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 178-8511 Japan; tel: +81-3-3978-2111; fax: +81-3-3923-0230; Internet: www.tamuracorp.com

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