NRA is changing its image; logo dropped but name will remain the same

NRA is changing its image; logo dropped but name will remain the same

Charles Bernstein

NRA is changing its image

CHICAGO — By unanimous vote of the National Restaurant Association board here last month, the NRA logo, which has often been mistaken for the National Rifle Association, will be dropped and a new logo developed. Meanwhile, the association’s name will remain the same but will be fully spelled out each time.

In addition, the board voted to change the association’s monthly magazine from NRA News to Restaurants USA. “Our objective is to make this the leading idea magazine in the idnustry,” NRA communications committee chairman Jim Peterson told the board, “and since we’re dropping the NRA logo, we’ll change the magazine’s name. The word ‘News’ has indicated a newsletter format.”

Besides, he emphasized, “there has been constant confusion between the NRA News and Nation’s Restaurant News. Our staff in Washington constantly gets numerous calls about Nation’s Restaurant News, which is unrelated to the NRA News.”

(Ironically, when Nation’s Restaurant News was launched 20 years ago, the Washington-based NRA had a publication called National Restaurant News and forced New York-based NRN to abandon its proposed National Restaurant News name in favor of Nation’s Restaurant News. Years before that, the NRA published American Restaurants magazine.)

Three new proposed logos in varying combinations utilizing food service and hospitality will be drafted for final consideration by the NRA board, which in effect rejected earlier suggestions to change its name. S. J. (“Bill”) Monro of San Francisco, executive committee chairman, received approval for $35,000 maximum expenditures on a new logo design.

“we couldn’t come close to a majority to agree on any new name,” one board source said. “Some wanted only ‘restaurant’ in the name. Others wanted ‘food service,’ and still others insisted on ‘hospitality’ or a combination of two or three of these. A compromise finally was reached to simply draft a new logo.”

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