IHOP promotion invites diners to ‘surrender’ to pancakes

IHOP promotion invites diners to ‘surrender’ to pancakes

GLENDALE, CALIF. — IHOP has rolled out a line of pancakes inspired by classic desserts.

The “Pancake Surrender” promotion, which will run through the end of the year, features three flavors. Carrot cake pancakes contain diced apples, raisins, carrots, coconut and walnuts. New York cheesecake pancakes are filled with cheesecake pieces, and pumpkin pancakes are made with real pumpkin and spices.

The pancakes are designed to satisfy the “comfort sweet spot” diners have for desserts, said Carolyn O’Keefe, chief marketing officer for the 1,328-unit IHOP and International House of Pancakes chain.

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