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Donaldson revs up crowd with White House hoop1a

Donaldson revs up crowd with White House hoop1a

Carolyn Walkup

In a timely and rousing Keynote address that captivated MUFSO attendees, Sam Donaldson, chief White House correspondent for ABC News, predicted that President Clinton would resign.

“I think he will eventually resign under the same kind of political pressure that Nixon did,” he said Donaldson hedged his prediction by recalling that he has been wrong about several previous predictions, such as the one that Clinton would not be elected president.

“The Democratic leaders will push to get this over with quickly,” Donaldson said, because they think being associated at with Clinton’s party will hurt Democratic chances in the upcoming November elections. “The Republicans are saying, ‘We must take our time.’ They want not to rush. What do you think all that is about?”

Donaldson, who has covered such historic events as the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Iranian hostage crisis and Operation Desert Storm, noted that Clinton’s problems are very serious. “It’s not just a case of the president lying to his country and his Cabinet. He committed acts that are felonies.”

Donaldson said it was obvious Clinton was not telling the truth in some of his grand jury testimony because he would not directly answer some of the questions. “As he dodged and weaved and wouldn’t answer questions, you understand that he’s not telling the truth,” Donaldson surmised.

“There are only four or five ways a question can he answered: Yes, no, I don’t remember, no comment, plead the fifth amendment. If people give you anything other than one of those answers, you know something’s wrong,” said the veteran journalist.

“If you have strong, credible evidence that the president has committed crimes under the criminal code, which is worse for the country — that we move against him or give him a pass?” Donaldson asked.

Saying later in his presentation that many other presidents also had extramarital affairs, he stated that fact is not a reason to give Clinton a pass. “We finally have gotten to the point where we can stop it,” he said.

Responding to a question about whether be thought Hillary Clinton knew about the Lewinsky affair, Donaldson said he would be surprised if she hadn’t known because “Mrs. Clinton is a smart lady.”

Donaldson recalled being with her after her appearance on “60 Minutes,” in which she vowed that her marriage was as solid. He witnessed telephone conversations she had then to direct the lawyers handling the Jennifer Flowers case.

“She was the strong one,” he observed. “She has stuck by him extraordinarily.” He predicted that at some point she would give a televised speech to say that she forgives her husband and that the country needs him.

Asked to predict who the next presidential candidates will be, Donaldson mentioned Al Gore George W Bush and Colin Powell. He noted that Gore is doing and saying all the right things and is doing his job by supporting the president.

“There are people who are wondering why there have been no resignations from the Cabinet. He [Clinton] used everyone. I wonder how members of the Cabinet can go around the world, putting forth policies in his name,” Donaldson said.

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