“Top 100 chains ranked by U.S. system wide foodservice sales,” June 26, page 76, gave an erroneous latest-year figure for Jack in the Box, whose domestic sales for the year ended September 1999 were $1.7572 billion. The chain should have ranked No. 17 on that list. Had the correct figure been used, Jack in the Box would have been credited with annual system wide sales growth of 20.95 percent and ranked No. 10 among all Top 100 chains in that category. In addition, the chain’s sales-per-unit average, under NRN’s standardized weighted-average formula, would have been $1.2019 million, for a No. 43 ranking, and Jack in the Box’s annual sales-per-unit growth would have been 12.63 percent for a Top 100 rank of No. 3. In the Top 100 report’s separate sandwich-segment-only comparisons, Jack in the Box would have ranked No. 9 in system wide sales, No. 1 in system wide sales growth, No. 3 in sales per unit and No. 9 in share of the total market generated by the 17 sandwich chains in the Top 100, with Jack in the Box’s share being 3.23 percent. In addition, Jack in the Box Inc., No. 13 in “Top 100 companies ranked by U.S. foodservice revenues,” page 80, was identified incorrectly by its former corporate name, Foodmaker Inc.

Because of a production error the figures in “Grill-buffet chains ranked by Top 100 market share,” June 26, page 128, were erroneous. The latest-year proportions of the five chains’ total “market” of $2.7836 billion should have been stated as: Golden Corral, 32.3 percent; Ryan’s Family Steak House, 25.3 percent; Ponderosa Steakhouse, 20.1 percent; Sizzler, 11.3 percent; and Western Sizzlin’, 11.0 percent.

In “Kahn hopes to bring Church’s Chicken success to Midwest,” Sept. 4, page 6, franchisee Aslam Khan’s name was misspelled in the headline. We regret the error.

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