The U.S. Watermelon Industry.

The U.S. Watermelon Industry. – book reviews

The convenience of smaller watermelons that fit in the refrigerator, seedless varieties, and off-season availability has given renewed vigor to a previously declining industry. Since 1980, sales have increased at a steady 3 percent per year.

Before 1980, the U.S. watermelon industry appeared locked in decline. Production and consumption were on a downtrend. Industry efforts to deal with these problems were not well coordinated. But with consumers’ preference for more fresh produce in their diets and farmers’ interest in diversifying into several crop enterprises, watermelon production picked up in the early 1980’s. Production statistics from 9 States, representing about 70 percent of the total, show 1987 at over 22 million hundred-weight, a 10-percent increase since 1981.

This study reviews supply and utilization trends, prices, transportation, packaging, marketing, cash receipts, and costs of producing watermelons. It also documents historical industry changes, and reviews the research and promotion program enacted by the industry in April 1989.

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