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Energy Education Resources – Energy Plug – Brief Article

Energy Education Resources, just updated by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), offers students, educators, and parents a useful catalog of educational materials on energy and energy-related subjects from a wide variety of sources. This year’s expanded edition lists 163 entries, including nonprofit organizations, government agencies, professional societies, businesses, and trade groups.

The available materials include films, compact discs, and videotapes as well as printed documents, and the intended audiences range from kindergarteners through 12th grade students. In addition to all the major sources of energy–petroleum, coal, natural gas, nuclear electric power, and renewable energy–subjects covered also include such energy-related issues as conservation and efficiency, pollution, waste management, recycling, and technology research and development. Entries are listed alphabetically by organization name in the booklet itself, while an index groups them by category. Each entry gives contact information and a brief description of the organization and the materials it offers.

Energy Education Resources is prepared by EIA’s National Energy Information Center (NEIC) solely as an aid in locating materials. Inclusion in the booklet does not imply an endorsement by EIA or NEIC of any group’s materials or policy positions on energy-related issues. As the independent statistical and analytical arm of the U.S. Department of Energy, EIA does not advocate any policy position of the Department or any other organization.

Energy Education Resources: Kindergarten Through 12th Grade, DOE/EIA-0546(2001); 124 pages. To access the booklet via the Internet, go to and select Kid’s Page and Online Resources. Contact or call 202-586-8959 if you have problems. For information about hard copies, contact the National Energy Information Center (NEIC) at or 202-586-8800. Questions about the report’s content should be directed to Paula Altman, NEIC, at or 202-586-8800. For general information about energy, contact NEIC.

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