Jones Brewing Co. brings back Ft. Pitt – Fort Pitt Super Premium beer

Jones Brewing Co. brings back Ft. Pitt – Fort Pitt Super Premium beer – product announcement

Jones Brewing Co. brings back Ft. Pitt

Better beer, bottles and boxes sparked the successful re-introduction of Genuine Fort Pitt beer to the Western Pennsylvania marketplace.

When Jones Brewing Co. decided to reinstate its Genuine Fort Pitt beer, the company brought back the original Fort Pitt formula and devised an extensive marketing introduction program which included traditional advertising, stylish bottles and a new carton design from Nekoosa Packaging.

Jones Brewing Co., an “Old World” brewer since 1907, re-introduced the Fort Pitt brand line earlier this year.

Fort Pitt was once one of the best-selling brands in the state of Pennsylvania and the number-one brand in the Pittsburgh market,” said Gabriel Podlucky, president, Jones Brewing Co. “We’ve brought back this popular brand from the 1950s in the original formula that made it famous.”

Marketing the nostalgic beer required an updated image and an updated, all-out promotional program, dubbed “Fort Pitt–That’s It,” Podlucky explained. The promotion, which takes its name from the beer’s slogan in the 1950s, uses a wide range of successful marketing tools, including the new packaging.

Fort Pitt is currently packaged in dark amber, long-neck bottles, newly-designed six-pack carriers and bright red, metallic shipping cartons

The carton itself features a red background with bold black and white graphics and print, Podlucky said. “Fort Pitt Super Premium Beer” is emblazoned across the box in black, stylized lettering.

“The bright red, metallic color stands out from everything else on the market shelves,” Podlucky said. “It creates an upscale image for Fort Pitt and influences many impulse buyers at the point of purchase.”

The president added that he is confident the new packages will “help Fort Pitt improve its image and pick up sales in the Pittsburgh market.”

PHOTO : JONES BREWING CO.’S Genuine Fort Pitt beer has been given updated packaging to match the

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