New Acme Brick commercials all “monkey business”

New Acme Brick commercials all “monkey business”

Ron Holzhauer

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback and current Fox Television sports commentator Troy Aikman has a new co-anchor in a series of television spots for Acme Brick Co. Aikman’s “unusual” partner is Baxter, a 7-year old chimpanzee, who according to Acme, really knows his brick.

In the commercials, Aikman asks Baxter a series of brick-related questions, and in each case the masonry-wise chimp pushes a button and the screen flashes “Acme Brick.”

Commenting on the commercials, Bill Seidel, vice president of marketing, says, “We know that prospective buyers are more confident purchasing homes built with brand name products like Acme. Our goal is to make entertaining commercials that can capture the audience’s interest and build this brand identity.”

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