Conspec – Grouts: materials to help you anchor, fill, and level

Enduro 50 grout is specially designed for damp pack to fluid applications and is recommended for column bases, tie holes, anchor bolts, and more. The product is a blend of portland cement and natural aggregates with cementitious expansive agents, is flowable and self-leveling, does not rust or contain any corrosive chemicals, and is high-strength, non-staining, and non-shrink for maximum bearing. The product meets ASTM C-1107 and ASTM C-827 test standards and is used for both hot-weather and cold-weather grouting applications. Enduro 50 achieves a compressive strength of 5000 psi after 3 days, 7300 psi after 7 days, and 10,500 psi after 28 days.

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