10 reasons why non-stop became the gold standard in masonry scaffolding

10 reasons why non-stop became the gold standard in masonry scaffolding – Non-Stop. Every Wall. Every Job

(P.S.–Costs 70% Less Than Mast Climbers)

1. Non-Stop has been perfecting adjustable masonry scaffolding for nearly 30 years and it is the only masonry scaffolding designed and manufactured by a masonry contractor for masonry contractors.

2. Non-Stop will always work smoothly and easily! Crank it with a full pallet one handed! That’s the whole idea … raise the scaffold for three minutes and tend the bricklayers for 20 minutes–the masons never stop and the tenders never fall behind!

3. Non-Stop is perfect for all walls–from straight walls to cut-up footprints, from 12′ high walls to 550′ high walls and it sets up on any layout as fast as it does on straight walls–from now on reach for Non-Stop whenever you would reach for frames.

4. Non-Stop can be erected by anyone on your crew!

5. Non-Stop keeps you in the bricklaying business and out of the trucking business. Simply, you move Non-Stop with just a pick-up truck and may trailer … or just a flat-bed truck. You don’t need 18 wheelers like … mast climbers.

6. Non-Stop also keeps you out of the high-capacity forklift business. Laborers move Non-Stop from the trailer to the wall with any lift. Why get into the 8,000 lb. forklift business?

7. Non-Stop provides a huge landing platform–5 boards wide plus 3 additional work bench boards, if desired! Further, go ahead and land your material anywhere on the platform! Non-Stop is that solid!

8. Non-Stop is easier to own than ever with a rental/ purchase option. Rent it out–fall in love–and apply 100% of your rent toward our purchase price!

9. Non-Stop has outlastd traditional adjustable masonry scaffolding systems because it’s soooooooo simple and virtually indestructible. Mast climbers are simple too … just push a button. That sounds great until the button doesn’t work and your climbers won’t climb.

10. Let’s summarize: Non-Stop will make you money starting only 12 feet off the ground. You can set it up on straight walls at least four times faster than frames. You can set it up on cut-up footprints JUST AS FAST as on straight walls! (That’s something that mast climbers can never do … even though they cost triple the low Non-Stop price).

There’s a ton of masonry contractors out there who tried numerous scaffold systems–including Non-Stop and mast climbers. Please ask us–to give you their names and numbers. You might be very interested in their personal comments.

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