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The Secure Delivery of Contracts and Other Sensitive Documentation Via Encrypted Email

The Secure Delivery of Contracts and Other Sensitive Documentation Via Encrypted Email

Sending confidential documentation via normal

email is a very real and potentially disastrous security risk. Email can

easily be intercepted, rerouted, copied, changed or even deleted, en route.

Companies dealing regularly with sensitive email need to seriously consider

a secure email solution.

Many companies spend large amounts every year on courier services. Secure

email can replace the necessity to courier confidential documentation, as

well as dramatically speed up the delivery process.

According the Garin Toren, COO of Striata Inc, “The need for secure email

is growing exponentially. We have identified a significant demand for a

cost effective solution in the US market.”

Email is the ubiquitous business communication tool of this century

Email is an essential and integral part of any business’ communication

infrastructure, and has become one of the most mission critical tools

available to any corporation. Companies are freely using email to send and

receive sensitive and confidential information without realizing the danger

in doing so. More and more companies are now looking at secure email as an

important application for reducing these security risks.

Why does email need to be secure?

There are many messages that remain outside of the realm of email, due to

the confidential nature of the documentation. These may include contracts,

financial information, personal medical and other customer information,

human resource related documentation etc. Secure email gives one the

ability to send all of these types of documents quickly and confidentially,

resulting in meaningful cost and time savings. There is a feeling of

anonymity when it comes to email, mostly because of the large volumes

delivered. This has created a false sense of security with respect to the

confidentiality of the medium. Many individuals are therefore dangerously

using email to send sensitive information.

Trust and security are key elements to mitigate the risks of accidental or

fraudulent exposure of confidential information. There is potential danger

to brand equity and the consideration of regulatory compliance.

A company that can authenticate and secure the delivery of such

documentation via email has a strong competitive advantage to entrench its

relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

Good Corporate Governance

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 places an emphasis on internal control,

reporting and data access. Companies looking to achieve good corporate

governance can use securely encrypted email and digital signatures to

mitigate security risks, by providing their key staff with the necessary


Is your company at risk? Do you comply with the required legislation?

There is significant recent legislation requiring companies to secure

communications pertaining to sensitive information. These include:


— Gramm-Leach-Bliley

— California SB-1386

— PIPEDA (Canada)

— The European Data Directives

There is specific mention of ‘secure email’ in most of these and some even

go so far as to detail penalties for not doing so.

There is a growing understanding of the risks of not securing certain types

of email content & attachments. By encrypting email in transit and storage,

companies can reduce their risk of dangerous exposure.

When do you need to start securing your sensitive email?

There are many compelling reasons to implement a secure email solution in

your organization. Your company can benefit through:

— Lowering document delivery costs

— Dramatically speeding up the time of delivery

— Reducing the risks of exposure

— Complying with required regulations and;

— Generally implementing better control of your sensitive documents

The Striata Document+ Wizard: A cost effective, rapidly implemented, secure

email ASP solution:

— Implementation is very rapid – under two weeks.

— The solution is ultra cost effective.

— User access is via a user-friendly secure browser based interface.

— Various document types are catered for.

— Implementation does not effect nor integrate with the companies’

current IT infrastructure in any way.

— Delivery tracking is easily viewable and reported upon.

— All sent documents are available for resending.

— The recipient is able to decrypt the secure email in any mail client.

— The solution is managed entirely by the company and no third party

involvement is required.

— Striata offers triple global ASP redundancy.

The solution is proven with over 100 current customers worldwide.

Striata Inc.

Striata Inc. is an application software developer and service provider

focused on enabling secure electronic communication. Striata specializes in

the secure delivery & payment of Bills, Statements, Invoices and all other

confidential documents, via encrypted e-mail.

Striata has been a provider of software and services in the electronic

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