Rodriques Departs Verizon Business

Rodriques Departs Verizon Business

Kelly Rodriques, former CEO of managed

services provider Totality, has announced his departure from Verizon

Business which acquired his company last year. An early advocate of moving

business to the web, Rodriques leaves the firm with a legacy of

successfully building and merging technology-driven services companies.

Rodriques also is shifting his focus as he departs; intent now on building

consumer-directed, media and entertainment companies and more than

one-at-a-time. Two years ago he co-founded the Hollywood-based,

independent film production company, Sire7; he serves on the board of five

separate on-line companies and is in discussion to create an investment

fund to underwrite his efforts.

“When the interactive marketing group was founded inside Ogilvy & Mather

nearly 20 years ago, we saw the economic potential of what was then new

technology,” Rodriques said. “First with NOVO, an e-business services

provider that we sold to international marketing services giant, Publicis,

in 2000 and now with Totality’s recent acquisition by Verizon, we have seen

the business value of technology made real.”

In planning what comes next, Rodriques is looking beyond what is being

called Web 2.0 toward a more integrated technology, content and

user-defined business model. He already sits on the board of six firms,


— M/Foundry ( ), a platform designed to easily move

applications and content to mobile devices;

— Global Gaming League ( ), focused on multi-user, online and

live video game tournaments; and

— Bandalong ( ), linking fashion, self-expression,

community and role-playing games in a rich IM environment.

Rodriques is in current discussion with investors and company executives to

create an investment fund to create new companies and accelerate a return

on technology investment.

“What comes next has to be focused on using technology to create richer

content, tighter communications and trustworthy media,” Rodriques said.

“The ability to bring proven leadership, use technology to create

simultaneous business and customer value and attract the capital to

underwrite the effort will be key.”


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