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Recombo And Bluestream Demonstrate New Approach To Personal Content Management At ADL Plugfest 7 And I/ITSEC

Recombo And Bluestream Demonstrate New Approach To Personal Content Management At ADL Plugfest 7 And I/ITSEC

Recombo, the leading provider of content integration products and

services for the learning industry, and Bluestream, a leading

provider of XML data solutions, will demonstrate a new solution for

personal content management at the ADL Plugfest 7 in Orlando,

Florida. This is a standalone solution for content authors and

instructional designers that enables them to easily manage SCORM(TM)

content and create new courses from existing assets without the need

for an online server.

This is the first solution to give individual content authors and

instructional designers the ability to manage SCORM assets

themselves. It promises to dramatically increase productivity. The

hundreds of files created for a typical SCORM course are easily

organized, searched and repackaged. New functionality added to

Recombo Convertor(TM) includes the ability to create new SCORM

packages from multiple sources and a much more flexible way of

storing the XML content. Bluestream’s XStreamDB(TM) provides

full-text search on metadata and content.

SCORM(TM), the Shareable Content Object Reference Model, has been

developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning Network (ADL) to

promote more effective development and sharing of learning resources.

It is now the de facto standard for content delivered by learning

management systems. SCORM’s advantage is organizing learning

resources into well-defined collections is also its weakness. Under

SCORM, a single course is split up into many smaller sections

(content objects), each of which can be managed independently. This

enables use of the same content in many different ways, but there are

now hundreds, if not thousands, of different files to keep organized.

Recombo and Bluestream solve this problem.

“To date, content management systems for SCORM have been large, server

side-solutions. These are incredibly important, but there is also a

need for a lighter solution, one that can fit on the desktop and that

individual content authors and instructional designers can use to

manage the development of learning resources,” explains Recombo CEO,

Steven Forth. “I am delighted to be able to work with Bluestream, a

company at the heart of XML, to bring a content management solution

to the many people working with SCORM learning resources.”

The Recombo-Bluestream personal content management system makes it

possible to save content processed by Recombo’s Convertor(TM) tools

into a personal content repository running on Bluestream’s native XML

database, XStreamDB. Recombo automates SCORM conversion and content

chunking. It can easily turn one large document into a collection of

several hundred content objects. A course created in Microsoft Word

or PowerPoint can be converted into SCORM at the touch of a button

and then reorganized as a collection of content objects. Content can

be managed in a granular way, but all this power sometimes overwhelms

the user with detail. The personal content management system provides

a solution. Content authors and instructional designers will use it

to manage the many different pieces of content that SCORM makes

available to them and to reorganize them into new resources.

The Recombo-Bluestream personal SCORM content management solution will

be demonstrated at the ADL Plugfest 7, which is being held in

Orlando, Florida, from December 2 to 5 in conjunction with I/ITSEC

(Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education

Conference). The conjunction of I/ITSEC with an ADL Plugfest is a

sign of SCORM’s growing maturity and a broader general interest in

ways to ensure that learning resources are reusable, accessible,

interoperable and durable.

“Recombo has been a leading developer of productivity tools for people

implementing XML content standards. Bluestream, for its part, was one

of the first companies to realize the importance of XML for

organizing and searching content. This partnership should bring great

benefits to people whose job it is to create and maintain first-class

learning resources,” notes Dr. David Vogt, Chief Research Officer at

the New Media Innovation Centre (NewMIC) in Vancouver, BC.

Bluestream President Jim Tivy adds, “We see SCORM as a very rich and

well-thought-out content organization mechanism that can be adapted

to many forms of delivery now and in the future. Bluestream’s

XStreamDB XML database product is very well positioned to play a

central role in SCORM persistence, querying and management. XML

databases have several advantages when it comes to SCORM’s content.

SCORM is an XML format and by using an XML database, we can preserve

the natural structure. We look forward to a continued partnership

with Recombo to deliver leading-edge SCORM content management


Recombo and Bluestream plan to commercialize this solution in the first

quarter of 2003. In the future, it will be possible to integrate this

desktop repository with leading SCORM metadata repository solutions,

such as that of Metasoft(TM) from Digital Creations Inc.

About Recombo Inc.

Recombo Inc. delivers products and solutions for content integration,

particularly for eLearning. The company has a new approach to

reducing the cost of managing multiple forms of content across the

enterprise. Staffed by a team of experts in content migration,

assurance and integration, Recombo currently does business in the

United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Its business development

office is in Boston, MA, USA, and its product-development office is

in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Recombo currently partners

with THINQ, IBM, Adobe, Questionmark and Digital Concepts.

For more information, please contact Brad McPhee, VP Operations, at

604-736-2272 ext. 151, or visit for product and

company details.

About Bluestream Database Software Corp.

Bluestream is a leading provider of XML data management products and

solutions for e-business and content management. The company’s

flagship product is XStreamDB, a cross-platform, native XML database

supporting XQuery, Schemas, and full-text search, with a complete,

transaction-based architecture. Founded in 1997 by Jim Tivy,

Bluestream is an innovator in data storage and access, delivering

standards-based, cross-platform servers and components for enterprise

and desktop applications. Jim Tivy is a member of the W3C working

group on XQuery.

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