NewHeights Selects Global IP Sound’s VoiceEngine Multimedia to Enhance Its Soft-Client Strategy for Service Providers and Enterprises

NewHeights Selects Global IP Sound’s VoiceEngine Multimedia to Enhance Its Soft-Client Strategy for Service Providers and Enterprises

NewHeights Software, a leading provider of

next-generation software client solutions today announced it has chosen

Global IP Sound (GIPS), the leading provider of embedded speech-processing

solutions for the Voice over IP (VoIP) market, to supply its VoiceEngine

Multimedia to provide best-in-class voice and video quality to NewHeights

carrier, softswitch and upcoming IMS

soft-client solutions.

NewHeights Desktop Assistant®

soft-clients bring together enterprise voice, messaging and mobility

features through an intuitive, PC-based graphical user interface. Desktop

Assistant soft-clients are designed, customized and deployed around four

core areas of carrier-grade quality: Telephony, Usability, Networking and

Enterprise Applications (T.U.N.E.). GIPS VoiceEngine Multimedia enhances

the Telephony, Usability, and Enterprise Applications elements of

NewHeights T.U.N.E. strategy and contributes to making its soft-client

solutions the choice of carrier, softswitch and IMS vendors worldwide.

NewHeights and GIPS Enable Telephony, Usability and Enterprise Applications

— (Enterprise Applications) NewHeights will be leveraging GIPS

VoiceEngine Multimedia to offer carriers, softswitch and IMS

vendors quality voice and video capabilities in their enterprise

soft-client offerings. VoiceEngine Multimedia offers developers

of enterprise applications the ability to create a variety of

solutions by addressing the key elements of collaborative and

enterprise communications. With this high quality, easy to

integrate solution, developers can focus on providing innovative

features for business users, such as video conferencing and


— (Telephony) With GIPS VoiceEngine Multimedia, NewHeights

soft-clients ensure that advanced communications activities, such

as multiparty calling and mobility, do not suffer from quality

issues, such as: echo, line noise, latency or packet loss.

VoiceEngine Multimedia includes such audio components as GIPS

NetEQ, which is an advanced jitter-buffer and error concealment

module, as well as the full suite of GIPS audio codecs and echo

cancellation and noise suppression technology. The combination of

NewHeights seamless integration with the Service Provider’s network

and GIPS voice processing excellence across end-points create a

flawless communications experience from the core of the network

to the end-user experience.

— (Usability) GIPS VoiceEngine technology ensures that a soft-client

call has the same standards of reliability and sound quality as

today’s most advanced IP phones and traditional digital phones —

ensuring that the soft-client experience for the end-user is just as

‘usable’ as their traditional communications tools.

“NewHeights only incorporates carrier-grade technologies into our

soft-clients and I can confidently say that the GIPS technology has met

that standard of excellence,” said Owen Matthews, Chief Operating Officer,

NewHeights. “The GIPS technology has excelled with Peer-to-Peer

soft-clients such as Skype, AOL Talk and Gizmo, and in conjunction with

NewHeights, it has extended that industry leadership into the carrier and

enterprise soft-client market. NewHeights plans to further extend GIPS

voice-processing value in our upcoming IMS soft-client offering.”

“NewHeights has excelled in bringing one of the world’s first

enterprise-focused soft-clients to market with the Bell Canada Personal

Communication Manager (PCM) and we are proud to be a part of enabling such

a market leading solution,” said Gary Hermansen, Chief Executive Officer of

Global IP Sound. “GIPS technology is designed to meet the highest quality

demands of today’s carriers and enterprise solutions developers and our

integration with NewHeights technology is a clear sign that GIPS is

positioned to be the voice processing solution of choice for carrier-grade,

enterprise soft-client communications.”

T.U.N.E. Drives Enterprise Adoption of Soft-Client Technology

Service Provider and enterprise soft-clients are remarkably different from

their mass market, residential focused counterparts. Operating in unison

with the carrier network, NewHeights soft-clients seamlessly integrate:

— Telephony) Carrier call control and calling features with the

end-user experience

— (Usability) Telephony, messaging and mobility features through a

single intuitive interface

— (Networking) Enterprise directories and Service Provider network

security protocols with the end-user experience

— (Enterprise Applications) Enterprise applications including:

multi-party video and web conferencing, e-mail and personal

information management (PIMS) solutions, instant messaging

platforms, and office productivity suites

Seamless integration across these categories cumulatively addresses the

requirements surrounding a carrier-grade soft-client.

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About Global IP Sound

Founded in 1999, Global IP Sound develops embedded voice processing

technologies for real-time communications over packet networks. GIPS

SoundWare(TM) provides better than PSTN voice quality and fidelity in

end-to-end IP communications with robustness against packet loss. Global

IP Sound’s world-renowned speech processing and IP telephony experts

deliver these solutions to applications developers, gateway and chip

manufacturers. Companies using GIPS SoundWare(TM) products include Nortel

Networks, Skype, WebEx, AOL, EarthLink , NewHeights and other key players

in the VoIP market. Global IP Sound is a member of the Intel® PCA

Developer Network, the Motorola Design Alliance, Symbian Platinum Partners

and Texas Instruments’ third party developer network. Global IP Sound has

headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Stockholm, Hong Kong and

Boston. More information is available at .

About NewHeights Software

NewHeights Software Corporation delivers today’s most evolved

next-generation communications software clients. Sold under the brands of

Service Providers, Softwitch vendors and IP-PBX vendors our soft-clients

are driving a new communications experience within small and large

businesses and residential markets. Extracting the value of today’s

SIP/IMS, MGCP and proprietary networks, our soft-clients integrate

feature-rich call control with custom and enterprise applications to enable

a unified, contextual communications environment for fixed and mobile

users. NewHeights publicly-announced customers and partners include: Mitel,

Ubiquity Software, MetaSwitch and Marconi Corporation plc. NewHeights is a

privately held company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with

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