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NetShelter Technology Media Launches Open Media Platform to Help Marketers Reach/Target, Integrate With, and Engage Core Buyers

NetShelter Technology Media Launches Open Media Platform to Help Marketers Reach/Target, Integrate With, and Engage Core Buyers

NetShelter Technology Media, which pioneered the

concept of the vertical media network, and which recently passed long-time

segment leader CNET to rank number one on the list of comScore Media

Metrix’s Technology News Web Properties, today announced that it has

launched a new program to help marketers connect to their core buyers. The

Open Media Platform, to be headed by Patrick Houston, NetShelter’s Senior

Vice President, Media and Chief Publisher, will serve as the foundation for

marketers who want to target contextually relevant sites, integrate their

messaging into the fabric of those sites, and engage customers in an

ongoing dialogue more deeply than ever before.

At the same time, NetShelter is unveiling a new Open Media Platform program

in connection with “Last Gadget Standing,” one of the most popular and

longest running features of the International Consumer Electronics Show,

the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. CES will run from

January 8 to 11, 2009 in Las Vegas.

“We call it Open Media Platform because these innovative programs not only

provide the unmatched in-depth knowledge of our publishers and editors on

the products they like, but we open the conversation to our vast global

audience of more than 50 million unique visitors and encourage marketers to

provide contextually appropriate ideas and opinions distinctly marked and

identified as ‘sponsored content,'” says Mr. Houston. “The end result is

synergistic with a more holistic approach to what is next and interesting

for both tech consumers and enterprise buyers.

“‘Last Gadget Standing’ distinguishes itself as the ‘people’s choice award’

of the CES show,” says Mr. Houston. “In keeping with the NetShelter

operating philosophy of building value for visitors, publishers and

marketers, we will arrive at a winner through the interplay of experts,

consumers, and advertisers.”

NetShelter will also host a special site ( ),

scheduled to launch on Dec. 8 that will showcase all of the contest

submissions, aggregate general CES coverage from the across the NetShelter

network as well as house video of the live “Last Gadget Standing” event

where each finalist will be given four minutes to make their case, with the

winner determined by the audience via an applause-o-meter. Visitors to the

“Last Gadget Standing” site will be able to follow the competition and to

determine their own winner by voting through the site’s special “Ballot

Box” features. NetShelter is offering the site’s sponsors an opportunity to

demonstrate their own products online on a special video section called the

“sponsor’s showcase.”

“We give marketers a chance to become an integral part of the site

experience,” says Mr. Houston. “We want to give them a seat in the

conversation that takes place in the community of experts and users that

constitutes the channel.”

This year, Ms Raskin will cull through the list of submissions and winnow

it down to 10 finalists with the help of experts from nine NetShelter tech

websites including,,,,, TG,,, and By

the end of the competition each of the 10 finalists will demonstrate their

products on the Las Vegas stage and online at the “Last Gadget Standing”

site. “Sometimes journalists are more impressed with bells and whistles and

miss the beauty of a technology that can really endure and improve the way

we live,” says Ms Raskin. “‘Last Gadget Standing’ winners represent the

products won’t just fade into oblivion once CES is over.”

Earlier, NetShelter launched “Top Tech Gifts: An Expert Guide to Holiday

Shopping” ( ), a website featuring 50 products

recommended by experts from sites across the NetShelter media network.

Panasonic and Nokia are sponsors for

“NetShelter’s Open Media Platform helps tech marketers address audience

fragmentation by helping them manage the tech purchasing cycle and gives

them BACK control to over what’s being said about their

brand/products/services,” says Peyman Nilforoush, Co-Founder and CEO of

NetShelter Technology Media. “These programs rely on the collective wisdom

of our individual experts who create our website properties. NetShelter has

already passed CNET as the largest technology-oriented audience in the

world. As we continue to emerge as the model for tech media companies of

the future, you will see NetShelter taking more such leadership roles in

the technology industry integrating advertiser messaging.”

“Last Gadget Standing” was created for CES 2000 by well-known tech expert

Robin Raskin, who has produced it every year since. During its eight

previous editions, hundreds of products have been submitted to the

competition by dozens of vendors from all across the tech landscape,

including Verizon, Toshiba, Logitech, Fujitsu, H-P, Archos, Nokia, D-Link,

Samsung, Nikon, Palm, XM, Pioneer, Netgear, Epson, inFocus, and Celestron.

Launched in 1999 as NetShelter, Inc., NetShelter Technology Media

( ) first pioneered the concept of the vertical media

network assembling the largest technology-oriented audiences in the world

via the NetShelter Branded Network (NSBN) and helping leading interactive

advertising agencies and marketers engage with their core target audience

of technology, IT buyers and influencers. NetShelter Technology Media

reaches over 30 million unique visitors worldwide according to comScore and

is ranked 1st in reaching technology audiences online. In a fragmented

online media landscape NetShelter Technology Media is the new platform for

technology publishing online. It partners with the top independent voices

in the technology industry and helps them grow their media business.

NetShelter’s goal is to become the leading global media company for the

technology sector.

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