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Major Bigfoot Expedition Seeking Participation From Corporate Sponsors and Journalists

Major Bigfoot Expedition Seeking Participation From Corporate Sponsors and Journalists

“The only way to prove that some kind of

Bigfoot creature exists is to put together a big time expedition to capture

and study one,” according to Bigfoot explorer, C. Thomas Biscardi of

Redwood City, California. Biscardi is currently putting together that

expedition now and is inviting journalists and corporate sponsors to

participate in his “American Bigfoot Expedition,” set to launch in the

spring or early summer of 2004.

“‘The American Bigfoot Expedition’ will be both a commercial and scientific

expedition and we will also offer the rights to televise it,” according to

Biscardi, who has lengthy credentials when it comes to searching for


Biscardi’s first search for Bigfoot was documented in 1973 and then he

produced a documentary film in 1981, “In the Shadow of Bigfoot.”

The timing of this current expedition was prompted by the recent sighting

and news reports of an “albino” Bigfoot. Biscardi has seen and has a photo

of a baby Bigfoot with white fur. This

creature is not necessarily an

albino, but it does have white fur. The photo was taken by tracker, Peggy

Marx. The encounter happened while Marx and Biscardi were driving along a

logging road in the Shasta area of northern California. Marx was doing some

advance planning for a bear hunting trip when they ran across the signs and

scent of Bigfoot.

A photo from that encounter can currently be seen at (The website site is the site of

the advertising and public relations agency that is helping Biscardi

coordinate the corporate participation and the initial media relations for

this expedition.)

This expedition will be offering companies sponsorship opportunities to

participate in the outfitting and equipping of the expedition as well as

the opportunity to bid for broadcast rights and merchandising rights.

“Everything that will be necessary for this expedition to become a success

will be open

to corporate sponsorship and participation,” according to Tom

Biscardi, “and that includes goods and services from outdoor gear and food

and water suppliers, to hi-tech communications devices, global positioning

equipment, computer equipment and everything else we will take along from

hygiene and health products to bug spray, deodorant and legal, insurance

and medical services as well as journalistic and scientific participation.

The expedition will make detailed observations of their findings for

scientific publication. These findings will encompass natural and

environmental studies, anthropological, botanical and zoological reports,

as well as sociological studies of the participants in the expedition as

the expedition progresses.

Companies that supply goods and services for the expedition will also be

eligible to send a qualified representative of their company on the

expedition. The sponsors will be asked to put up a participation fee and

supply their goods for the duration of the expedition


The key to making the expedition a success is knowing where to go to begin

this search for Bigfoot and having the experience and know-how to track

Bigfoot. Biscardi plans to begin the expedition with some detective work

into the recent sightings and known “hot spots” for Bigfoot sightings. The

primary tracker in this expedition, Peggy Marx, maintains maps with the

locations of numerous Bigfoot sightings on them in The Bigfoot Information

Center at Burney, California. Peggy Marx and her late husband, Ivan Marx,

have functioned as an unofficial clearing house for a multitude of reports

on Bigfoot sightings.

The actual locations that the expedition will be working in will be kept

secret for fear that thousands of amateur Bigfoot hunters will flock to the

woods and endanger the Bigfoot as well as themselves. The photos, findings,

stories and descriptions of the findings will be the property of The

American Bigfoot Expedition and will be offered for commercial sale, use

and distribution and

scientific study.

Companies interested in submitting proposals for participating in the

expedition can contact Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc.

Advertising and Public Relations in Burlingame, California at 650-344-1951.

R.M. Barrows will be coordinating the initial sponsorship requests and

media relations for the expedition. Barrows will also be working as an

associate producer on the broadcast, film and print projects based on the

expedition. Barrows has worked with the Biscardi organization on the

advertising and publicity for several other projects and events.

For further information and to arrange an interview with C. Thomas

Biscardi, please contact Robert Barrows at 650-344-1951.


Spring 2004 launch date anticipated

Expedition to be led by

C. Thomas Biscardi

“The American Bigfoot Expedition”

570 El Camino Real, Suite 150

Redwood City, CA 94063


For more information


Robert Barrows

R.M. Barrows, Inc.

Advertising and Public Relations

205 Park Rd., Suite 208

Burlingame, CA 94010