MAGIX Announces Ringtone Maker 2 Free Ringtones for Cell Phones

MAGIX Announces Ringtone Maker 2 Free Ringtones for Cell Phones

MAGIX, the worldwide leader in music and video

editing software(1), announced today MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2, which lets

consumers personalize their cell phones by creating their own ringtones

from music and video hits without paying any subscription or download fees.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 lets you create as many ringtones as you like on

your PC for a one-time price of just $19.99; and then transfers them to

your cell phone as a realtone or polyphonic ringtone. The software also

transmits cool video ringtones, cell phone logos, and wallpaper, which will

make your cell phone the center of attention every time it rings.

See Who’s Calling Before You Pick Up

Cell phones now do much more than just ring. When a cell phone receives a

call, it can now light up with multimedia fireworks and even play videos.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 goes a step further, by allowing consumers to create

their own personalized or downloaded photos, video, or sound and music as

ringtones, which can then be sent to your cell phone in just two clicks.

World’s First Video Selector

Included in MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2 is the world’s first MAGIX Video

Selector, which manages, edits, and assigns video to appear with specific

friends and family (compatible on smartphones using the Symbian 60/90

operating system). This way, you actually “see” who is calling before you

pick up. You can also export free wallpaper and logos, so you’ll never get

bored with your phone’s display. And with the new Title Editor, you can

add text to your photos to create unique backgrounds and greeting cards in

just a few seconds.

MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2’s new polyphonic tones are even compatible with

older cell phone models. Simply download your favorite track from the

Internet as a MIDI file, convert it and transfer it to your cell phone. If

you don’t want to search for songs online, you can always use one of the

many MIDI files supplied for free with MAGIX Ringtone Maker 2.

New Ringtone Maker 2 Features:

— MAGIX Video Selector: the world’s first — manages and sets up video

ringtones on your cell phone

— Video Ringtones: easily create ringtones from photos, video clips and


— Polyphonic Ringtones: supports polyphonic ringtone output

— Wallpaper & Logo Support: for change of scenery

— Title Editor: adds texts in pictures, picture messages, and more

— New Effects: filter, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and more

— MAGIX Remix Agent 2.0: for ringtone loops

— New import and export formats: BMP, JPG, Real, WMV, MIDI, and much


— MAGIX Mobile Music Maker: Unique program for playing and arranging

ringtones on your cell phone

Ringtone Maker 2 will be available March 30, 2006 priced at $19.99 through

major retailers and online at: .


MAGIX is an international provider of software, online services and digital

content for the use of multimedia products and services in personal

communication. MAGIX provides private and professional users with a range

of technologically sophisticated and at the same time user-friendly

software, online services and digital content for the design, editing,

presentation and archiving of digital photos, videos and music. MAGIX’s

products are principally directed at private users. Moreover, MAGIX

licenses professional software to commercial users such as music producers

and television and radio broadcasting companies. In 2005, based on sales of

products through retail distribution of photographic, music and video

software, MAGIX held a leading market position in Germany and various other

European countries, and was one of the three leading market players in the




(1) Refers to the amount of software products sold by European and US

retailers in the segments “Music Software,” “Video Software” and “Photo

Software.” According to the monthly measurement by NPD Data Charts US,

Media Control Germany(PC/CD-ROM non-games), GfK charts Benelux, France,

Spain, Italy; Chart Track UK. MAGIX sold more products than any other

publisher in these segments in the time period from January 2004 to

December 2005

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