Elegant Built-In Window Candles Give Your Home A Unique Touch

Elegant Built-In Window Candles Give Your Home A Unique Touch

A 20-year veteran of an electrical installation company got tired of

seeing cords dangling down from window candles used to beautify

homes. Jim Paquette started WindowCandles, LLC, who makes a safer,

low voltage window candle, without the visible cords. Now for the

first time, homeowners can buy window candles that plug directly into

the window sill so wiring, hidden in the wall, does not show. The low

voltage system can be pre-wired during new home construction or

retrofitted at any time by an alarm installation company, electrician

or handyman.

With over 1,000 different combinations to choose from, homeowners can

create their own designs. The WindowCandles sleeves and bulbs come in

a variety of colors such as green, red, burgundy, blue, tan, yellow,

orange, frosted and clear. An assortment of finishes and styles for

the bases include polished brass, brushed aluminum, antique copper,

wooden high gloss, antique gold in both colonial and contemporary

designs. The interchangeable colored bases, sleeves and bulbs allow

for unlimited adornment possibilities all year long and for special

holiday decorating.

Mr. Paquette said, “I asked myself why something supposed to doll up a

home could detract with such ugly hanging cords. And then I was

disturbed by the safety issue of using extension cords to reach the

outlets. I also wondered why all window candles are white with a

brass base. So I created the only safe, low voltage window candle

decorating system where the candles can change color and style using

interchangeable bases and different colored sleeves which slide over

the window candle.”

The Web site features sample diagrams and a window decal to help for

easy installation. You can click onto a demonstration of how

WindowCandles work as well as create your own color designs and

styles with a handy section called “Candlemaker.” Candles can be

ordered directly from the company, the Web site or from authorized


For information: call 1-877-NO-CORDS (662-6737) Email:

info@windowcandles.com or visit Web site:


WindowCandles, LLC

429 South Main Street

Bel Air, MD 21014